Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And Then Her Dreams Came True

Nearly eight years ago Ryan and I lived in separate cities.  I was living in Elizabethton, TN, while finishing up grad school at ETSU.  Ryan had accepted a job and moved to Paducah, KY.  We'd been married for just over two years and had already lived apart once before.  It wasn't easy.  Writing my thesis, taking classes, and teaching classes overwhelmed me.  Ryan's job was stressful.  Living separate lives wasn't ideal.

During one of my sad moments, I wrote Ryan a letter.  It was about my dream for us.  

Here it is, word for word.  (I kept it in the same folder with my diploma.)

When I get sad, I picture us in 10 years.  I can see us sitting on a huge back deck.  We're rocking back and forth, holding hands.  My legs are curled up in my rocking chair and a quilt is thrown over my lap.  You've got a map in your hands, planning out our weekend hike.  Mozart and Millie are sitting behind us, wishing the eight-foot window didn't separate them from the outside world.  The kids are asleep, and we're whispering over our hot chocolate so that we don't wake them.  At that moment, we both stop talking and look up, just like we do every evening at this time.  We look up just in time to see that last bit of orange slip below the mountains.  Now they're starting to turn blue and purple.  Even though we've been sitting there over an hour, we wait until the first stars appear.  Then we go inside, hand in hand.

You think it'll happen?  I pray it does.  I can think of no other dream that would make me happier.  When I picture paradise, that's it.  Of course, we'd have to move closer to Asheville so we could actually see the sunset over the mountains.

Ten years ago we had no idea what the future held beyond when we vowed to cherish each other for life.

This morning as I carried Eliza and held the boys' hands, I had no idea what the future held beyond the moment we carefully picked our way through a mountain stream.

I couldn't have planned this.  Couldn't have willed it to happen.

In fact, my plans would have kept the dream from coming true.

Praise God for healthy kids and neurotic cats.  Praise God for mountains.

Praise God for bringing me a man who inspires, lives, thinks, works, prays, listens, loves, and forgives.

Praise God for dreams come true.

Happy Anniversary, Love.  Words can't capture my devotion, but I'll spend the rest of my life dreaming beside you and with you.

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  1. Happy anniversary, lovers! God has blessed you awesomely. His plans are always bigger and better and more wonderful than anything we could ever imagine. May you have many, many more happy years together.


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