Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mini-Boden Knock-Off

Mini-Boden is my favorite children's clothing line.  Hands down their clothing consistently makes me want to spend copious amounts of money on tiny shirts, dresses, shorts, and bathing suits.

Practicality always wins, but fortunately, I can sew!

I've copied their appliqued shirts, but this time I went a more ambitious route and copied a dress.  The result is my favorite project to date.

The stats:
Pattern: Simplicity 4711
Modifications: Lined the bodice, added piping, applique, and matching bloomers
Fabric: Feed sack for the dress; polka dot cotton bought at Just Ducky warehouse sale for bloomers and lining
Total cost: about $10 (the Mini Boden version is $40)
Time spent: 5 hours total

It's pretty long on her, so she won't be wearing it until she can walk.  The feed sack material is too delicate for her to crawl around on.

Up next on the list are a few bonnets and another Mini Boden knock-off, even cuter than the birdie dress.  I'm already getting twitchy as my feed sack stash grows smaller and smaller.  What's a sewing stash without feed sacks?

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