Monday, July 23, 2012

Not Completed: Ruffled Shorts

It was time to sew something for myself.  I decided to whip up a pair of shorts, both because I need them, and because the Shorts on the Line sewalong is still underway.

I've seen versions of this pattern hack from Homemade by Jill floating all around Crafty Blogland.  They are adorable.  I thought, "Why not try an adult version?"

Here's why.

Oh. My. Sewing. Lands.  Is it an apron? Is it a pillow sham?  (I didn't even bother sewing up the left side, so those are pins you see.)  The pattern on the fabric is fruit bowls.  Not kidding.

See the strip down the side?  You think that's a nice design touch?  Yeah, me neither.  I added those because the shorts were two inches too small.  I couldn't even get them up over my hips.

The strip didn't solve the problem.  Once I finally got them on and looked in the mirror, well, let's just say it looked like the fruit bowls puked ruffles and it splattered all over my hips.

The good news is I always learn from my failures.  The other good news is it didn't cost a dime.  Just a little chunk of pride.

I've got three projects cut and waiting to be put together, so hopefully I'll redeem myself this week.


  1. I love stories like this. It makes me feel better about all my craft fails. You are a funny writer!

    1. Thanks! I should have modeled them. I was afraid to burn that image into anyone's head. ;)


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