Monday, August 6, 2012

Completed: Burda #101 02/2011

When I brought back "thank you" gifts for everyone who helped with the kids while we were hiking, Amanda was neglected. She's got such a defined style, but it's hard for me to shop for her.

"You can pick a dress design. I'll make it for you," I told her.

She was thrilled.  

While she stayed with us last month to do a practicum at the hospital, we made plans for the dress. We hunted for the design and fabric together. She heard a lot of "what about this?" and I heard a lot of "umm, not quite."

When she put on the final version she said, "I like it." That's high praise coming from my fashionista sister.

"What am I supposed to do with my arms?"
"Wow, Amanda!  It looks like that dress was *made* for you!"
"Thanks.  It was."

Pattern: Burda #101 02/2011 Dress with Gathered Rectangle Skirt and Cap Sleeves
Fabric & Notions: red linen blend from Waechters, red zipper
The fit on the bodice is perfect.  This dress is so flattering on The Sister!  She looks hawt.  The only adjustment I'd make is to tighten up the neckline one more time.  (I adjusted it once with a slash-and-pivot method, but it needs it again.)  She says she'll accessorize with a narrow turquoise belt, turquoise shoes, and chunky turquoise necklace.


I finished the dress just before she left to go home.  Not every girl can live with her sister as an adult. It's an experience I'm grateful to have had, and I'm grateful she's got something to wear to remind her of the time. (It's a lot better than the crick in her neck from sleeping on the couch.)

(You can see the progress of this project here and here.)


  1. I'm impressed! Sewing for adults is something I'm not even close to feeling confident enough to attempt! Great job!

    1. Thanks! You could do it no problem. It would be a breeze compared to heirloom dresses. (I'd recommend Colette patterns. This Burda pattern didn't have enough detail in the instruction for my taste. Still not sure how the bodice and lining came together.)


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