Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homeschooling Preschool Boys

We were at a new playground Tuesday when a mom and her four kids ventured over. She had three girls - 7, 5, and 3 - and one 18-month-old boy. She's homeschooling, so we chatted a little about our experience.

"We're going to have to start projects earlier in the day," she said when we were talking about flexible schedules.

"Oh?" I asked.

"They'll sit there for two hours doing a project. They glue beads and feathers and color and just take forever to finish something! They'd sit and work on it all day if I'd let them," she explained.

*insert sound of crickets chirping*

After 20 seconds, I finally found a response.

"I'm sorry, I hear you talking but you must be speaking another language," I said.

It's similar to the reaction I have to all those projects on Pinterest with this in the description: "Kept my kids entertained for HOURS!"

My description would be more like this: "I spent HOURS gathering the supplies and planning this project, just to keep my kids entertained for FIVE MINUTES!"

Yes, as a general rule, boys are more physical and energetic. It is impossible to be a lazy mother of boys. Fact.

(I've heard of boys who are mellow and will sit and ponder life. Until I see it in action, it's as believable as a Unicorn dancing with a Mermaid.)

There are physical and energetic girls, too. Eliza is curious and never sits down. That's partly her age, and partly her personality. But I have visions of her someday sitting at the dining room table quietly dressing her paper dolls while I sew nearby. She's a girl. Girls are supposed to come out of the womb able to sit still for long periods, right?

Maybe not.

The Newsroom Bully at WEHT dubbed me "SPAZ" behind my back when I was a reporter. She was mean, but it was also true. The kids come by it honestly. I'm high strung and spastic. Sitting for long periods makes me antsy.

So, how's this whole homeschooling thing going to work? Three kids and a mother who get bored easily and can't sit still?

Good question. We've got the curriculum we're using this year and I'm thrilled. It's literature based - the Five in a Row series - and there are special lessons for Daniel, too. (Before Five in a Row) The general idea is to focus on one book each week and do related activities in subjects like Math, Social Studies, Art, and Science. The boys will enjoy it. We can make the lessons 30 minutes or two hours.

I'll let you guess which will be more likely.

Fortunately it's called PREschool. Osmosis has worked pretty well so far.

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  1. I know this is an older post, but I popped over and clicked on the homeschooling tab (mostly because the sewing is Greek to me ;-) My girl is not really big on sitting still, unless of course, she really wants to. All three of mine are on the go. Right there with ya, mama.

    Your sewing is absolutely lovely, by the way.


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