Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joy is Home

Something's going on here.

Maybe it's the cooler weather. Maybe it's finally being completely comfortable in NC. Maybe it's having our spiritual house in order. Maybe it's improving our communication. Maybe it's not blogging on Littlest Hayes and not feeling vulnerable to judgement. Maybe it's realizing parenting pre-schoolers doesn't have to be a constant battle or power struggle. Maybe it's growing more patient by the day. Maybe it's eating healthy food. Maybe it's running. Maybe it's sewing. Maybe it's entering into a different phase of parenting. Maybe it's awesome friends.

Whatever it is, there is uncontrollable joy in our house lately.

It feels good to laugh. It's not that diabolical-I'm-laughing-so-I-don't-cry laugh. It's the sheer-delight-in-what's-happening-at-this-very-moment laugh. All five of us are belly laughing. Often.

Right now joy looks like a little boy wearing Spiderman sunglasses and licking a chocolate ice cream cone during an impromptu visit to Chimney Rock Village on a Tuesday.

Joy sounds like three cackling kids guessing "FISH!" during dinner charades.

Joy smells like tomorrow morning's granola baking after everyone's gone to bed.

Joy is our purpose. It is what I want our kids to remember about their childhood and us. 

Joy is home.


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