Friday, August 10, 2012

Third Child (an old favorite)

**Now that this blog is my new home, I'm re-publishing some of my favorite posts over here.**

originally published: MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 2011

Back when Daniel was around six months old, I wrote a post comparing how some things had changed with the second child.  I thought it might be fun to write a new one for the third child.  The text below is from the original post, and I've added how it's different now with Eliza.  (The first child is normal font, the second child is italicized, and the third child is bold font.

Lee wasn't allowed to watch TV until he was 15 months old, and then it was limited to 15 minutes a day. I bodily threw myself in front of the TV to block his view.
Daniel's first word was probably "Thomas" or "Elmo."
Eliza already knows how to turn on the TV and switch the source input on the remote to CD/DVD.

If we dropped Lee's pacifier, I didn't rinse it. I just checked for cat hairs and popped it back in.
I considered cat hair extra protein.
Eliza doesn't often use a pacifier because we can never find one.

I obsessed over Lee's naps -- how long they were, how frequent, whether he cried, if he needed a pacifier.
Daniel was lucky if he got 30 minutes of sleep before his brother woke him up.
Eliza naps in my arms (our favorite place), in the boppy, in her bassinet, in the car, on the porch, or on the couch.  I'm not sure how often or how long, but she sleeps when she's tired.

Lee's routine never wavered; he ate, slept, and pooped like clockwork.
I remembered to feed Daniel most of the time.
Eliza may have a routine, but I haven't noticed.

Lee slept on his back with no blankets.
Daniel slept on his stomach with a warm, fuzzy afghan to cover him.
Eliza sleeps on her back or side because she prefers that.  At night she sleeps beside me because I prefer it.  She's still loosely swaddled.

We gave Lee a bath every night, rubbed him down with lotion, played lullaby songs, and read 3 books as part of a bedtime routine.
Daniel got two baths a week, if he was lucky. Instead of Goodnight Moon he got to hear age-appropriate books like Potty Time. If the TV was turned on, his lullaby was the "Wheel of Fortune" theme song. (this was written before we nixed cable, obviously)
Eliza gets a bath when she stinks.  Then I carry her around while I do my nightly chores.  She's lulled to sleep by the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

Lee's toys were boiled before he touched them. I made sure he always had something stimulating to play with.
I didn't rinse off the toys when I got them out of the attic for Daniel (insulation = another form of protein). Sometimes he played with wadded up junk mail.
Eliza's still young for toys, but I can predict that she will play with things labeled "NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS."

I talked to Lee constantly, narrating my day and describing everything around us.
When Daniel and I were alone on Thursdays, he may have heard one word -- "MOZART!!!!"
Eliza never experiences silence.  Ever.

When Lee cried, I tried to figure out why and fix it.
When Daniel cried, I drank wine.
Eliza doesn't cry.  At least I don't think she does.  If she did, I probably wouldn't hear it.

Every month we read about Lee's developmental milestones and educated ourselves about the best way to raise an intelligent, adjusted, kind child.
I lost the books. Our goal for Daniel was that he survived childhood.
People actually wrote books about this stuff?

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