Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP: Macaron Fabric

I wadded up all the muslin, altered pattern pieces, and my pride and threw it in the trash Tuesday night.

Starting over from scratch was cathartic. Muslin #3 was a successful failure. I'm on to Muslin #4 - a wearable muslin, which means in theory it won't be perfect, but I can still wear it without shame. (If I can teach Ryan how to pin excess fabric on my back for one more alteration, the Final Macaron should fit perfectly.) I'll share all about what made this thing so hard and my solutions when I post my Wearable Muslin.

This week in the sew along we're choosing fabric. I picked a beautiful 100% linen from Waechter's. The wrinkling thing and the it's-the-end-of-summer thing didn't deter me. The print is gorgeous and fits my taste perfectly.

The skirt and bodice will be the printed linen; the top of the bodice and the belt will be the solid. 

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