Monday, August 13, 2012

WIP: Macaron Muslins #1 & #2

This muslin may be the death of me.

Colette Patterns is a stellar company. Their designs are beautifully stylish and vintage. It's a known fact that the patterns are sized for average American women.

Because I've never posted a full-body shot of myself on this blog, you may not know how I'm built.

Here's an illustration.

I want to wear Colette's designs. Want to so badly. And I will. But it will take an insane amount of work.

As I'm making the muslin for the Macaron, I'm having to perform magic. Here's a picture of my first attempt.

What's that you say? The Frankenstein zig zags don't look like a purposeful design element?
That's 4.25 inches added to the length and about 12 inches taken from the bust. Keep in mind my measurements matched the envelope size exactly. It's the same problem I have in RTW, so it's not surprising. It's why I don't go to the mall for clothes.

The great news is I'm sold on the sweetheart bodice. Adorable. The other great news is I've seen completed Macarons floating around, and the Internets promise me it's possible to get the fit right for non-curvy girls.

I'm taking a break from it tonight (my second muslin didn't even warrant a picture) and hoping Muslin #3 tomorrow night will be successful. I'm just starting over from scratch. (You should be sad you missed Muslin #2. It was made with ugly free stash fabric. A tablecloth. Of tropical flowers.) This time I'll be using a beautiful SBA tutorial that's better than any I've seen.

Maybe I can chant "Abracadabra" and wave my seam ripper wand around in front of it. (The Muslin, not my chest. Trust me, it doesn't work with the latter.)


  1. I'm so impressed. This is why I never sew anything for myself. Children's little roly-poly bodies are much more forgiving. :-) This dress is going to be amazing! Someday you'll have to teach me all the adult sewing jargon and tricks.

  2. Well, you've done all the hard work already - figuring out how to make it fit and being brave enough to share it with the world! :) I'm more of a short, round Sewaholic pear-shape than a Colette Hourglass myself, so I don't know anything about how to scale down patterns for a tall and willowy figure... but good luck!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . "


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