Monday, September 10, 2012

WIP: Project Run & Play Week 1

It's been slow-going on the sewing front around here. A little over a week ago I picked up my MASSIVE child (she's 17 pounds) and injured my back. It's most likely a pulled muscle, but for a week I was operating at 70%. The kids were still running strong at 100%, so I had to sacrifice some things like sewing and running. The good news is I'm back up to full steam. The bad news is I'm not running the half marathon for which I've been training. No biggie. The initial disappointment has passed, and Official Marathon Training, which is more important, begins this week.

The good news is once again I'm able to bend over the dining room table to cut! And sew!

Have you heard of Project Run and Play? It's a sewing contest for bloggers/designers of kids clothes. Similar to Project Runway, designers complete projects based on a theme. Then we Internets vote on our favorite, and each week one designer is eliminated. I've been following it since the inception, and let me tell you: the talent of the contestants is astounding. We're talking outfits made of hand-dyed, hand-painted, hand-sewn fabric with unique, trendy, gorgeous designs. And the details! Jaw dropping. Lots of big-name ladies in the Children's Clothing Blog World.

For those of us watching at home, there's a sew-along portion of the competition. There are prizes each week for one of the sew-along participants. (You should see the prize packages for the real-deal participants. Wow.)

All that to say, the newest season starts this week! They announced the themes a couple of weeks ago, and my mind immediately starting churning out ideas. I've decided to sew along with the first week's theme - The "It's Okay to be Biased" skirt re-mix, Week Four - Boy's Week (of course!), and Week Six - Signature Look.

Here's what I've got so far. It's cut and ready to piece together. I told Ryan the other night, "If this turns out, it's going to be so cool!" 

FOR THE LOVE, I cannot get this to rotate. It must be a setting on my camera. You see yards and yards (and yards) of handmade bias tape, fun floral fabric, and the shell for the bodice and bodice lining.

Here's how I made the 1/2 inch bias tape. The Scientific Seamstress has a printable bias tape maker. Genius. I mean, sure you can go buy a bias tape maker, but why do that when you can make your own? What's that you say? Because it's easier? You must be friends with my husband who said, "Yeah, I'd just run down to JC Penney's and buy me a dress instead of making it myself." 
The coolest part is doing something that's new and foreign to me -- imagining, sketching, designing, and executing a look. I've got until Friday to "make it work."

We'll see what happens.

P.S. Go check out the entries in the Flikr pool sewalong so far. I'm telling you -- it's amazing.

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  1. Glad you stopped by to check out my blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with! All of the bright colors should make a fun outfit. And the bias tape printable...genius! Thanks for the link. I could never fork over the money for one at the store.


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