Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Costumes: Take One

My mom is The Costume Queen. She has an uncanny ability to imagine and execute costumes that leave me slack-jawed.

Here are her masterpieces from two years ago:

This year the boys wanted to be pirates. We thought it'd be perfect if Eliza could be their parrot. I put in our order, and Mom delivered.

They switched shirts, so Daniel's is a little big. I'm going to see if Lee will let me draw chest hair on him.
She bought the pirate costumes -- at Costco I think -- and she made the parrot. It's essentially a feather-covered poncho.

Here's the inside:

She cut the poncho shape out of fleece. It's longer and rounded for the back, and shorter and squared off for the front. Somehow she got the neck hole the right size. (I totally would have failed at that.) The arms (at the top and bottom of this picture) are about 3/4-sleeve length on Eliza.

My mom's philosophy, especially when making costumes, is "why sew what you can glue." She hot-glued feather boas to the right side of the poncho. Then she hot-glued ribbons to either side of the arms and the sides of the poncho on the inside. They tie and secure once on the baby.

Here's what the side and sleeve look like when tied.

For the parrot's head, she started with a purple knit cap and hand sewed on a feather mohawk. Then she stuffed and hand stitched the beak, which is made of firmer weight felt. She hand sewed the beak to the front of the cap, then she glued more feathers and felt eyes around it.

Finally, she bought a basic red long-sleeved t-shirt and purple leggings to wear under it. (We've got yellow tights that we'll add over the leggings.)

The best part is that Eliza is a willing participant! I can't wait to see her reaction to trick-or-treating. Rest assured, there will be more pictures!


  1. cuuute! and fabulous that she's willing to wear it :)

  2. ahhhhhh love the parrot!!! So cute! I just linked up to Project Run and Play and saw your link... love it! I just signed up to follow via e-mail :o)

  3. I am featuring this parrot on my blog today! I love it!


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