Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC Day Three

Here are a few more completions for KCWC.

(I'm SO ready for my camera to return from the Nikon Abyss. The repairs are covered by warranty, so that's good, but at this point I'm getting twitchy. The iPhone is many things. Excellent camera for capturing kids, it is not.)

First up is an upcycled envelope shirt. (The sleeves look uneven in the picture, but I think it's the camera (phone) angle.) This was an old Old Navy shirt that I bought on sale and intended to make into a maternity shirt. Almost two years later it's a shirt for the baby instead.

The sleeves on this one are a little tight. For some reason I didn't give enough room at the sleeve cap. It still fits, and she didn't complain, but it might be scrapped because it doesn't look comfortable.

Next is an upcycled t-shirt that was my sister's, then mine, and now the baby's. I preserved the neckline, cut a tiny hole in the ribbing, and inserted corded elastic to gather it. I drafted/added sleeves and shortened the hem to tunic length. It's a really lightweight, soft cotton.

For the leggings, I cut up a sweater and used my go-to leggings pattern. (I had planned to make a cardigan out of the same sweater, but it was a colossal fail. The knit's gauge was too loose, and it just wouldn't sew up right for a cardigan.)

she looks mad, doesn't she? maybe it had something to do with my snatching her pacifier right before I snapped this.
Last up for today is another upcycled envelope t-shirt. I've decided I'm much better at the leggings than the shirts.

Quite honestly, this week is an experiment more than anything. Every project I'm learning more about construction and drafting, so it's good practice. She may end up with a few things to wear at the end of it.

(The completed projects in the Flikr pool are neat to look at -- lots of great ideas and variety. Three cheers for mamas making cute handmade clothes!)


  1. Great job! I love up-cycling old clothes...I must try your tunic! How did you draft your sleeve pattern?

    1. I used another long-sleeved shirt as a guide. (It was actually a pajama shirt, so it was kind of snug.) Once the shirt is laid out, I traced around it with a half-inch extra for seam allowance. Dana of MADE has a great tutorial on tracing your own:

    2. Oh, and I prefer freezer paper for my patterns.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! So clever x


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