Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 80s Jumpsuit & Dress

Due to popular demand (okay, it was just my mother), I'm posting pictures of the dress and jumpsuit before they got cut up to make Eliza's outfit.

Behold: The black linen dress from Limited Express.

And the animal-print jumpsuit, complete with pockets.

And this little blue gem, which will turn into a cardigan (or ten) for the baby. The shoulder pads. The extra-wide arm hole. The drop waist. It's all too much to bear.

My mother looked ravishing in these outfits back in the day. There were glitter-encrusted-animal-print heels to match. I'm not even kidding.

Fortunately they get an extra life on another beautiful girl!


  1. Jumpsuits are in style! You should have rocked that at least one time with a black blazer. I don't remember the "Limited Express" having labels like that. I remember the one that said some French word on it, and had a baroque kind of scroll on it.

    Also, I like the black linen dress better before you cut it up. I think the style of it is classic! You know your momma has style! :)

    1. The shirring elastic in the back was dry rotted. Plus, I don't have enough to hold it up. (These pictures were taken when Eliza was a couple of months old.)

    2. As for my mother's style - don't I know it! If I can beg her into it, I'll put up a picture of her rockin' it. She certainly has style to spare.

  2. Limited Express first opened in 1980.

    No wonder I don't remember that label!



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