Monday, November 5, 2012

Completed: Christmas Dress #1

You should probably prepare for the Apocalypse.

The impossible has happened, and I'm afraid it may bring about the end of the world.

It's the first week of November, and I've finished one of Eliza's Christmas dresses. (Her Easter dress was completed at 4:00 a.m. Easter morning. Her first birthday dress still isn't finished. She's 17 months old.)

I'm working on a tutorial for this style that'll be a guest post over at Project Run and Play this Thursday. I didn't actually get frisky and abandon my procrastinating ways; this was my practice dress, and I figured I'd go ahead and make it up in a holiday fabric.

This shot almost makes me forget my camera's still in the shop:

I didn't embellish this dress at all, and the one that'll appear in the tutorial isn't embellished either. The fabric was busy enough.  That's my excuse, but some piping or a tiny little bow right along the neckline would have been cute.

Check out the shoes. They are awesome. Very Christmas-y, those Chucks.

Pattern: Heavily Modified Simplicity 4711 (lined the bodice, shortened the skirt, made the back cross over -- so basically, just kept the front bodice piece of the original pattern)
Fabric: Michael Miller Nordic Holiday; Kona cotton
Cost: $15

(Check out a couple of other similar versions of this dress here and here.)


  1. Cute fabric! Eager to read your tute! And jealous that your Christmas sewing for E is done. I haven't even started!

    1. I've still got two more dresses planned. We shall see. . .

  2. What a precious little dress. Great fit! And, wow! You finished it in November!


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