Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Failed: Upcycled T-Shirt

Did I tell you my boyfriend's back?

My boyfriend's back. #thankfulnovember 

He got back from camera rehab a couple of weeks ago. He was gone for a really, really long time. I have suspicions of infidelity while we were apart. We're in the "getting reacquainted" stage, but he's just not treating me like he used to.

That brings me to my latest sewing fail. The outfit and the horrific out-of-focus photo.

It's (yet another) envelope t-shirt. I know, I'm getting kind of sick of seeing them, too. This was my very, very last cut-but-unfinished project from the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. It was weighing on me, pulsing from the sewing table like the Tell-tale Shirt: "Sew me. Sew me. Sew me. You won't be happy 'til you sew me. Sew me. Sew me. Sew me."

I kind of wish I'd kept it buried. I mean, it's okay. Eliza even wore it to a friend's house for dinner Saturday night. But it's just kind of . . . off. Like my camera.

This time I tried to layer long sleeves under the short sleeves. Cute concept, poor execution. The seams don't give, so baby girl can't flex her biceps without losing circulation. Then there's the weird envelope part. It's on steroids apparently. This one is cut from my own pattern before I got the Flashback Skinny Tee, so the proportions are way off.


Wait until you see her Thanksgiving outfit. I've redeemed myself. (If I get it finished. If not, pretend I never said anything about a Thanksgiving outfit.)


  1. I'm sure you're a knit expert by now, but what kind of stitch do you use for your seams? Straight? A slight zig zag might give the seam a little more ease. Not sure about that. I've only sewn a few knit things. My baby daygown pattern uses a very narrow zig zag (width 1-1.5 and length 2-2.5). Ask me about embroidery, lace, and entredeaux and I can help you out. :-) It looks very cute, though!

    1. Yep, I usually use a slight zig zag, but for some reason I sewed ye sleeve extensions with a straight stitch. Doh.

  2. My camera is on the fritz and I don't want to send it away, so I just keep using it like so... that's terrible isn't it? The outfits not that bad! I mean, we all have outfits like this... however your thanksgiving outfit is SO cute! :)


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