Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Latest Knit Fix

Spiritex had one of its warehouse sales Saturday. My super awesome husband said, "Let's go," when I found out about it. It's the second time he's waited with kids in the car while I disappeared into the bowels of their brick warehouse of fabric; oohed, aahed, and drooled; and came back with a stack of beautiful stuff.

It's all organic, locally manufactured. The weights differ, but I've found the quality of these fabrics is outstanding.

Here's my latest haul. Including six t-shirts with minimal (fixable) flaws, one first-run onesie for Eliza, and all the by-the-pound end-cut fabric, I spent around $40. ($3 a pound for end-cuts, oh my!)

Project Run and Play starts up again in January. This time around I'm considering sewing along the whole time. All these ideas are swirling around in my head. Once I see the weekly challenges, I'll see if the ideas fit in anywhere and go from there. Any excuse to whittle down my stash . . . so I can go to the warehouse sale again in the spring!

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