Monday, December 31, 2012

WIP: Project Run and Play Week 1

Next week is a doozy. Besides being the first full week of 2013, it's a week of my some of my favorite things.

Downton Abbey Season 3 premieres on PBS.

Project Runway All Stars has its finale.

and Project Run and Play Season 6 begins.

I may spontaneously combust.

This season I'm going to attempt to sew along for the entire Project Run and Play event. Here are the themes:

Week One:  The Pattern Remix Challenge:  This season we will be remixing The Cottage Home Mama's fantastic Party Dress.   
Week Two:  Stripes and Polka Dots 
Week Three:  Boys Week 
Week Four:  Love is in the Air:  This week will be a Valentine's Inspired challenge.   
Week Five:  The Men's Dress Shirt Challenge:  Take a men's button up shirt (doesn't necessarily need to be a dress shirt---like it can be a flannel shirt---just as long as it's a men's shirt and buttons all the way up) and make something wonderful out of it for a child. 
Week Six:  Your Signature Look

I've been lying in bed at night with my brain in overdrive. My ideas don't always translate into cute outfits, so I'm working really hard to plan better. I'm three weeks into intense training for Marathon #5, so advance planning is the only way this'll get done.

There are two goals I'm trying to meet (in addition to trying to actually get it done): 
  • Only buying notions that are absolutely necessary (using all stash fabric, yarn, trim, etc.) 
  • Cementing my "style"
Here's a sneak peek of Week 1's look.

Knitting a sweater. In less than two weeks. Somehow I'm sensing some last-minute, late-night scrambling is in my future.

Fortunately I'll have some good TV to keep me company!


  1. Love the colour of your wool - enjoy the TV!!!

  2. Oh, I'm really looking forward to seeing your Party Dress remix which involves knitting!?!

    1. The sweater isn't actually part of the re-mix -- it's just icing. But now I'm thinking a knitted lace bodice would have been a stellar idea! Hmmmm. . . .


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