Thursday, January 24, 2013

All Aboard! (PR&P Week 3)

We've made it to the halfway mark of Project Run and Play! Thanks to the awesome designers and other sew-alongers, I've got enough inspiration to keep me busy for a while.

It's Boys' Week. 

Last summer Daniel picked out this t-shirt from mini-Boden as his favorite.

It took eight months, but mama finally delivered.

The layered knit applique effect is my favorite for the boys' t-shirts, but it is So. Much. Work. In fact, I have pants cut and ready to sew. There was no way I could finish them by Friday. For this kind of applique, I have to trace, cut out each piece, layer, machine stitch, bring the threads through to the back and tie them off, and then hand stitch some details. Hours, I tell ya.

Daniel already had an off-white long-sleeved shirt to layer, but Lee needed one. I dove into my stash for this waffle knit and sewed it up right quick. It's so soft. I want one, too.

Once again I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern from Made by Rae. That's five so far during Project Run and Play. I've got one more tweak on the neckline and this pattern will be perfect for us. Necklines on knit shirts may be the death of me.

I'm so thrilled to have these photos from our favorite places around town. The first week's pictures were taken at the little Methodist church across the street and on our neighbor's front porch. This week's pictures were taken at the red caboose downtown -- one of the boys' favorite spots to visit. We love our mountain town.

Next week challenge is Valentine's Day themed. I bought the fabric, but I won't be able to get my look finished in time. Fortunately it fits into the "Your Signature Look" category, too. And I've got something simple and sweet planned for the "Men's Shirt" challenge.

Hop on over to Project Run and Play if you've got a minute. The designers and folks sewing along will knock your socks off. Promise.


  1. they look so happy in their train shirts

    1. They were! It warmed my heart to hear Daniel say, "It's just what I wanted!" Makes me glad to sew for them.

  2. You are one amazingly talented mama/seamstress. Way to go, Michelle! These shirts are incredible! So cute!

    1. Thanks, Emilee. My first thought after finishing these was, Man! I'm ready to smock again!

  3. That appliqué is adorable. I don't know if IDE have the patience to stick with it. :)

  4. Nice job..on two appliques! I often have to sew in multiples too..if one girls has it, the other two want something as well:)

  5. I love this layered look on your boys and the applique and colors are super cute. The boys are adorable!

  6. you have a very specific and personal preference in style, my little niece.....beautiful work.....I am so glad you enjoy sewing and knitting ......such enjoyable and fulfilling you


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