Friday, January 18, 2013

Tutorial: Bubble Pants

I made another pair of the pants that originally debuted in my Project Run and Play Week Two look. They're my own attempt to replicate Mini-Boden's version with a twist. This time I used some of my feed sack stash.

It took longer to snap the pictures and orchestrate this tutorial than it did to make the pants. They're super easy. This pair isn't lined, and the tutorial doesn't include instructions for lining them. Check out Dana's tutorial for the basic rundown if you're interested in lining a pair.

the downside to using the feed sack stash is it's limited, so it's hard to match stripes.

First, start with a basic pant pattern. What's unique about this one is it's only two pieces, but the seams are up the sides and around the inseam. It seems more common for two-piece pant patterns to be seamed up the center.

I started with the basic pant pattern from Lotta Jandstotter's Simple Sewing for Baby

Once you've got your basic pattern, you're going to create two seams up the front legs. (And now I'll let the pictures and text speak for themselves.)

You're finished! That's all there is to it.

They would be precious in corduroy. I'd like to make some cropped ones for summer.


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