Sunday, February 24, 2013

Completed: Belated Valentine

I decided to try my hand at picture smocking after seeing this dress from Shrimp & Grits Kids.

The dress went together so smoothly.

The smocking? Meh.

It's my first attempt at picture smocking, so I'll cut myself some slack.

I started with the Goodship Dress pattern, but the only parts that remain are the armholes and side seams. Here are some of the modifications:

Re-drafted the front.
Inserted a pleated panel for smocking.
Eliminated the collar and lined the bodice.
Modified the center panel to be gathered.
Added ric-rac to the seam and piping to the top and bottom of the insert.
Sliced the back to make a button closure.

Excepting the smocking and the off-center back buttons, I'm really pleased with the design and fit. The piping and ric-rac are great. And the heart fabric (Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman) is adorable. Maybe I'll try it again.

But not right now. Right now it's time to Celebrate the Boy and make some big girl clothes! 


  1. This dress is almost as gorgeous as the model! Great work!

    1. Thanks!! I'm partial, but she's pretty adorable.

  2. The dress is really cute. It's hard to tell about the smocking since you didn't show it here very well ;)
    But the rest turned out great!

    1. Let's just say I wasn't too disappointed when she refused to face the camera head on. ;)

  3. Must see the smocking! ;-) I'm sure it's much better than you think. It always is! Love the inspiration dress and love your interpretation of it! You did great! We would get in to so much sewing trouble if we lived closer.


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