Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Completed (Tested): Beachy Boatneck

Yesterday four fabulous independent designers launched Pattern Anthology - a collection of patterns (boy and girl) for Spring that is available until March 24th. All of the pieces are absolutely precious. I was fortunate to be able to test one of the patterns - The Beachy Boatneck.

Melissa Mora (Melly Sews and Blank Slate Patterns) designed this one, and it's intended for boys but would work for girls, too. It's a knit shirt that's perfect for beginners -- the neckline has a facing so there's no fiddling with a ribbed neckband.

I've been intending to make Lee a penny shirt since I saw it on MADE. (Dana's link doesn't work since she moved to a new site a while back, but I just traced the silhouette directly from the computer screen onto freezer paper.)

The shirt was originally off-white, so I dyed it brown and added the stencil. See the extra Abe in the corner? That's a dye-accident-turned-design-element. Now that I've got t-shirt neckbands mastered, dyeing fabric is my new sewing kryptonite.

I used some typewriter stamps for the "In God We Trust" part. No number stamps in my collection to add a year. 

The pattern has a short-sleeve option. I love the curved hem and boatneck. It's definitely going to be a great staple for us. It goes from size 18mo-8.

The whole collection is pretty dynamic. It's neat to see some talented designers teaming up like this.


  1. Nice job! As for dyeing, you must try the Dharma Trading Co Procion Dyes. I'm never going back to RIT.

    1. Thanks! I'll try that. I've seen other bloggers do some amazing things with their products.

  2. Oh I love your version! I love that you dyed it and added the penny! It's such a cute/handsome shirt! Great job!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. This was one of my favorite easy sews. I made one for a boy for testing, but was so in love I had to make another one for my girl :) Love the penny detail!


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