Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Completed (Tested): Fresh Bloom Frock

I have been tapping my proverbial fingernails on the sewing table waiting for the release of this pattern. . . I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

This is Melissa Mora's (Blank Slate Patterns and Melly Sews) newest pattern -- The Fresh Bloom Frock! The idea originated from a challenge she issued to her fans. Sewists submitted inspiration ideas, and she chose one (submitted by the lovely sisters at Frances Suzanne) and drafted it up.

I've finished a lot of dresses for my girl. Lots are cute and have me twittering and dancing. This one had me shouting "YES!" and "I LOVE IT!" to an imaginary audience in my sewing area.

Warning: Loving a dress means you get to see lots and lots of pictures.

Melissa worked very hard to get the collar drafted. She's lowered it a little in the final version. Her directions were really clear, and once I figured out the logistics of how it was attached, things went smoothly. It closes with a button on one shoulder. Lovely and practical.

The bodice is fully lined, which is important to me.

The fit was right on with the measurements on the (virtual) envelope and fit Eliza beautifully. She'll be able to wear it all summer I suspect.

I used vintage feed sack fabric from my stash that's been waiting for just the right pattern. With its a-line design and invitation for piping detail, this was a project worthy of my cherished fabric.

The collar is actually supposed to be more pointed, but working with piping still challenges me, so sharp corners are elusive.

My favorite parts: the a-line shape, the collar!, the piping, the button, the fabric, oh my goodness. I'm about to start oozing again. (Poor Melissa. I actually gushed when I sent in my feedback. A little creepy, I'm sure.)

(Also creepy: this dress has been hanging on the wall in my dining area a.k.a. sewing area. I can't bear to put it away in Eliza's closet where it won't be fully appreciated and admired.)

It's everything I love about children's clothing: simple silhouette, modern touch, vintage fabric, opportunity for detail, unexpected colors. . .

You can see another version of the Fresh Bloom Frock here. Melissa is competing in Sewvivor and this is her first entry! (Aside: the first challenge's entries are incredible!) Also, you can buy the pattern here.


  1. Love love love the piping! It is just lovely. And the collar looks great a little rounded at the end. Your version makes me happy :)

  2. FANTASTIC!! The fabric combination with the pop of yellow with the button and piping is stellar!! What a wonderful review to a darling dress.....looking forward to making our nieces a 'fresh bloom frock' of their own in the near future...

  3. visiting from we did it wednesday. The frock is gorgeous. I find piping really difficult so often miss it out but it just makes the frock. So retro yet very stylish.

  4. aww this is such a cute idea! Would love to see you link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings.


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