Sunday, March 3, 2013

Completed: Upcycled T-Shirts

Confession: my kids don't wear clothes.

85% of the time, Lee hangs out in underwear and Eliza in a diaper. (Daniel wears a Spider-Man costume unless he's bathing.)

Either we're keeping the house too warm, or our kids just don't like clothes. Considering I'm usually wearing three layers and still shivering, all signs point to the latter.

Why do I still sew for them? Because occasionally we leave the house, and even though I'm not picky about what they wear, it's preferable they're wearing something.

In planning Lee's summer wardrobe, I can keep it pretty simple knowing he'll be traipsing around the backyard in his Underoos. So, here's the list: seven t-shirts, four shorts, three dress shirts, two dress slacks. Poof. Done. Easy.

The train and pirate shirts are finished, so he just needs five more. Lucky for us Ryan's brother is generous with his hand-me-downs. His t-shirts aren't your prepackaged variety. They're nice.

I sized them down, keeping the original graphics and sleeve hems. (The Flashback Skinny strikes again.) For good measure, I made another pirate shirt using the Raw-Edged Raglan pattern (without the raw edges) from Sewing for Boys. (If you're keeping count, that's three t-shirts from 1.5 yards of pirate fabric. With shipping and everything, that's $6 a t-shirt. Not bad.)

For the raglan, I added red flat piping in the arm seams. The pop of red is a nice touch. This is the size 6-7 and fits perfectly.

These little shirts were so easy, especially now that I've mastered the neckband. He's pretty thrilled to wear Uncle Brandon's old t-shirts, too.

I'm thrilled that my often-half-naked boy can leave the house this summer without traumatizing the local retirees.


  1. Those shirts look great! The neckline is awesome :)

  2. My 3 yr old would happily be naked all day- and since we are buried in several feet of snow I don't think it is the temps that are getting him.

    But when we leave the house he has a pirate shirt, actually in the flashback pattern, he digs too :) I have a little piece left I think it may go to pj shorts.

    1. I should've ordered more of the pirate fabric. They love it!

  3. Ooo! I'm digging the piping spin on the pirate tee. Wish I had bought more than 1/2 a yard (or at least washed the fabric before sewing. Lesson learned!) 'cause now the shirt would only fit a 2month old. RATS!!

    1. Mine shrunk too! I was so excited to sew them up I didn't pre-wash either. We just played "musical tees" -- Lee got the biggest one, Daniel got Lee's, and Baby Girl gets the tiniest. I mean, there are mermaids on there, so it's okay for a girl. Right?


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