Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Plan

My Spring/Summer sewing planning is pretty much complete. Other than some spontaneous projects that are bound to pop up, the next projects are mapped out. The fabric is pre-washed and ready and the enthusiasm abounds.

My batting (sewing) average improves with each season, so I'm remaining optimistic that I'll be wearing most of these projects by August. 

First up, the Colette Laurel and Clover combination. (The Laurel was released Tuesday. Apparently Sarai knew I needed a great blouse pattern for my Spring/Summer wardrobe.) I'm making the Laurel blouse (version 4) for this outfit.

**Note: OH MY LANDS have you seen the sewing contest that coincides with the Laurel's release? We're talking thousands of dollars in prizes. The caliber of entries will be off the charts. I cannot wait to see what the ladies come up with.**

Staying with pants, I'm ready to hammer out at least one version of the Thurlow, probably the khaki cotton. (Though that navy wool is scrumptious!)

Next, the Washi. I've got plans for three of these.

And because this is the FIRST summer in FIVE years I'm not nursing (!!), I plan to wear nothing but dresses. I'd like to modify the Sewaholic Renfrew into a few dresses. (That beautiful number in the upper left is the Shabby Apple Conservatory Garden dress -- my inspiration.)

I'd like to do another Laurel, this time the shift dress (version 1) with some lovely Liberty and Anna Maria Horner voile.

The next one fits into the dressy category. I'd like to do a combination of the Truffle bodice with a gathered skirt. (Do I want sleeves? Hmmm. This one may need to roll around in the creative brain a little longer.) I'd like to make it super nice with lining and piping detail. 

And finally, because we'll be going to a pool at some point, and because I sew, it'd be cool to have a custom-made bathing suit.

And now I need a nap. It takes a lot of effort to plan this and lay it out here, but it makes the cutting and sewing more efficient. I'm doing multiples of patterns because once it fits, it'll be easier to replicate.

I'll be sewing some for the kids here and there, too. Now we just need some SUN and WARM temperatures!

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  1. Oooooooooh! I cannot wait to see all of these. You are going to be so cute in all of those. And the liberty......i did end up buying some before I left the glad you will be using it and not just hoarding it :). Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Lindsay!! I can't wait to see what you do with your Liberty! It's so divine.

  2. I'm so excited for you! I haven't even begun to think of the sewing I need this summer. Adding it to the list right now :)

    1. If I don't plan it out, I flounder and end up buying lots of stuff I never use!! I'm (very) slowly working my way through my stash. . .

  3. I so cannot wait to follow you on these projects! I am trying to find more time to sew Mama clothes and I am sure yours will be an inspiration! You are doing awesome :) I ended up buying some of the liberty at martha pullen too - you guys were such a bad influence ;)

    1. Haha! You should absolutely use that Liberty for a mama project!!


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