Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kids Clothes Week

It's time for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge again! It's grown so much there's an entire blog dedicated to it now. The idea is to spend an entire week - one hour (at least) each day - working on sewing-related tasks for childrens' clothes.

Last Fall during KCWC I bit off more than I could chew and tried to complete a project each day. By the end of the week I was burned out, and while Eliza wore some of those outfits over and over, I was bored with the results. This week I decided to plan, try for the hour a day, and see what happened.

I'm at my parents' house in Memphis (!!!), so I had to be flexible, but I'm pleased with the results. We're packing up tonight -- no more sewing until I get back to the mountains.

This little t-shirt took me an hour start to finish. I started with a basic t-shirt block, lengthened the shoulder back, shortened the shoulder front, and widened the shoulder front to allow for gathers. The fabric came from a hand-me-down woman's t-shirt. It's lightweight and soft. The 3t size will fit her all summer.

The other projects were also experiments. I drafted my own pinafore pattern and made matching ruffled bloomers. (The polka-dotted bloomers are from the Ruby Ruffle Dress.) The fabric all came from my stash -- except the green flowered fabric. That was from Grandma Jean's stash. It's lined with the never-ending polka dot Tilda fabric that I adore.

The orange one is shirt length with knit bloomers. The fabric is Amy Butler on the outside and lightweight knit on the inside.

The only thing missing from both are the fabric-covered buttons and buttonholes. I'll finish those up next week and get pictures of Eliza modeling them.

The projects in the Elsie Marley Flikr pool are pretty awesome. I'm linking my humble contribution up, too!


  1. Your pinafores make me wish that Amelia would still wear them. At least she still prefers a dress.

  2. I love the shirt and those pinafores are so cute! How did you go about drafting your pinafore pattern? They look so polished and perfect! How do the straps close in front?
    Bonnie MS

    1. Hi, Marah! Thank you!
      I started with a basic a-line dress. It's a New Look pattern, but I don't have the specific number with me. I looked at other pinafores (like the one linked below, which also includes a free pattern for smaller babies if you're interested) to get an idea of the shape, then I sketched the shape onto freezer paper. I held it up to her to make adjustments. I wanted it short enough to show the bloomers. I haven't finished them yet, but I'll close the shoulders with fabric-covered buttons and button holes.

      Thanks for your question! Here's the link with the free pattern for babies:

  3. Hey Michelle! These are SO adorable. Great job!

    I've been trying to email you about something, but I can't find your email. Would you mind emailing me at thecottagemama[at]gmail[dot]com?


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