Thursday, April 4, 2013

WIP: Colette Laurel Muslin #3

Tonight's the night. I'm cutting into my precious Liberty for the Colette Laurel. After three muslins, I'm confident the fit is as good as it gets.

I started with a size 0. Then I remembered I'm not an XS in tops. (You'll see why in a second.) After slashing and trimming and overlapping and re-drafting, I had a 2 a.m. epiphany: over-altering. It was an avalanche of alterations -- one caused another and another and another and before I knew it, I had a size 2 on the table.

I've never claimed to be the sharpest pair of Ginghers in the sewing basket.

So, the size 2 fits great. Here are the alterations I've made so far:
  • lengthened torso
  • brought in back seam at neckline to reduce gaping (I've got a broad back, which is clear in the pictures below.)
  • lowered and lengthened bust darts
Alterations for the final version:
  • enlarge armscye
There's one thing I think can be attributed to the fabric used for this muslin: the neck binding still isn't lying perfectly flat (the fabrics have different weights).

The horizontal wrinkles on the back -- no clue. It's not tight there. I'll live with it and press the stew out of it.

Try not to be jealous of my cranberry velour pants. They're HAWT.

The accompanying Clovers have been finished for over a week. They're just waiting for their Laurel. 

The two will meet tomorrow. I hope they hit it off.

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