Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tested: Crescent Blouse

The second pattern I had the pleasure of testing from the Breakwater Collection was the Crescent Blouse.

My goal when I sewed these up was to obliterate my stash. I've been holding onto this fabric forever, and it's not what I would choose today. However, with the exception of the black stuff I used for the culottes, I don't hate this fabric. It's synthetic. It repels wrinkles. I'm not sure how, but I can wad it up in a suitcase and pull it out with nary a crease. Amazing stuff, that polyester.

It's hard to see with this busy fabric, but the details on this top are extraordinary. First there are the shoulder cutouts. They're unexpected and flirty. The top opens and closes at the neckline with a little button and loop.

Then there's the optional collar. It's cute and on-trend.

Finally there's the hemline -- may favorite favorite detail. I chose the crossover option, so the back of the blouse overlaps the front. 

This pattern is listed as Intermediate, and I'd say that's right. It wasn't terribly difficult, especially with Megan's instructions, but the combination of the delicate fabric and the assembly of the pieces makes this a little more challenging than a beginner project. All the seams are French.

Pattern: Crescent Blouse by Megan Nielsen
Size/Mods: XS and none. My shoulders are broader than average, so I should've cut a SM.
Fabric: Synthetic something or another from Joann's (circa 2003)
Thoughts: This was one I wasn't sure I'd like, but the details set it apart from other blouses and it's pretty awesome. Next time I'll use a solid fabric and omit the collar. In fact, I'm thinking of a black version with a contrasting bottom in polka dot chiffon.


  1. Wow, that top looks incredible on you! I love all the details and your sewing looks impeccable.....great job :).

  2. very pretty blouse. I love the sleeve detailing.

  3. Beautiful! I love the cutout shoulders! Megan Nielsen's collection is very tempting!

  4. Very attractive!!!
    The fabric used for this blouse is perfect.
    I make the same for my daughter at the moment;-)


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