Monday, May 6, 2013

Tested: Tania Culottes from Megan Nielsen

Friday Megan Nielsen released her newest collection -- Breakwater. I've long admired Megan's style. She first caught my eye when I was pregnant and looking for adorable maternity patterns. Megan has the most fashionable maternity patterns hands down.

Then I started noticing as her other patterns started appearing: The Darling Ranges Dress, Kelly Skirt, and Briar Shirt are my favorites.

When she asked for testers, my fingers flew to the keyboard and composed a "PICK ME! PICK ME!" email. She picked me, and I literally danced on the couch. Everything about Megan is precious, and her hands-on approach to testing was delightful.

In one weekend I sewed up all four tests for the collection. Each of them was romantic and feminine, and although a couple were a little out of my comfort zone, by the time I tried them on I was sold.

This week I'll be showing you all four of my test versions with a bonus I couldn't resist. First up is the Tania Culottes.

The shirt is courtesy of my mother and TJ Maxx
For the test version I stuck with the pattern as written. (One of my favorite things about Megan's patterns is her inclusion of tons of ideas for variations. She's a whiz at inspiration.)

I cut a straight size XS and it fit perfectly right out of the envelope. The waist measurement and length are the only ones that matter with this pattern, and it was SO nice to skip alterations.

They are short, but they are shorts. Culottes. I wouldn't wear them to church, but I don't mind them for a night out or something. (Ryan didn't mind them either.)

Because I know you're wondering, I didn't accessorize with white tights. And my legs will stay this color all summer.

The fabric has been in my stash for ten years. It's from JoAnn and it's some yuck polyester blend. Ten years ago I was attracted to yuck polyester blends from JoAnn, as you'll see this week. (They have great fabric. I just didn't know how to pick it back then.) Ugh. The good news is it will never, ever, ever fade. The bad news is I can't stand too close to open flames.

Pattern: Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen
Size & Alterations: XS and NONE!
Thoughts: Each time I wear these, I like them more.
Next Time: If you look at the pattern's page, you'll see a longer version with a contrasting waistband. I'm picturing a similar just-above-the-knee version in polka dots.


  1. I'm interested to know about the construction of these. All the skorts I've tried on in the past just end up with the centre part hanging down too low and it looks nasty. Can you tell me how these are different? It looks so nice as a skirt, its hard to beleive its really shorts - would be perfect for here in Cayman - pretty and practical. Thanks Deby at So Sew Easy

    1. There's a hidden pleat in the front and back at the waist on either side of the inseam that hides that center part. Also, there's plenty of fabric cut in a way that the drape is lovely and the skirt is very full, further disguising that crotch seam. Oh, yes. I can totally see them in a beachy town!


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