Monday, June 24, 2013

We Moved

We moved to my husband's hometown in Indiana last week. He starts a new job Monday. We bought a house.

Here's a picture.

Thanks for letting this blog be my happy place, friends. I'll be sewing again soon.


  1. My family recently moved to my husband's hometown in Michigan! It's very surreal, making a home in a town you have visited a million times, but that your husband has decades of memories from. It is annoying sometimes when he acts like a know-it-all about the town, but now and then I teach him something new. Your new house looks great!

    1. Ha!!

      I lived here pre-marriage when he lived in another town and I was in news. So, I saw ALL kinds of parts of town he didn't know existed!! I've already shown him some new things. :)

      Our neighbors here are transplants from Michigan! I'm considering hitching a ride with them up to cooler climate when they go home for a visit next week. ;)

  2. What a beautiful looking new home - somewhere now for you to put your personal stamp on! And enjoy hunting around for all the new local sewing and craft shops, all waiting for you to discover.I have lived in the same home for the last 25 years, and just couldn't imagine packing up and shifting..J

    1. Thank you!!

      I've already discovered an awesome fabric store on a previous visit. It has quilting cotton, apparel fabric, and specialty items like swimsuit fabric. I'm looking forward to making it my home-away-from-home!

      Who knows -- maybe someday we'll stay put for 25 years. It'd be nice. :)


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