Friday, August 9, 2013

Completed: Washi Wearable Muslin

I finished my first Washi! I'm calling this one a wearable muslin because there are still a few tweaks left to make. It was part of my Spring/Summer 2013 plan. Some of the projects will be carried over into the Fall, but not this one!

First, let me state the obvious.

I've got to fix the bust darts. I assure assure assure you, they don't look this bad in real life. Blame it on the humidity (which is what I'm blaming everything on these days), but these pictures make it look obscene. 

Really. They're not that bad. BUT, they need work. Namely I'll stop sewing 1.5" from the apex like my IG friend Jenn suggested.

Remember: worse in pictures.


This fabric came was leftover from my Macaron, sewn a year ago this month. When I finished this Washi, I held it up for Ryan's approval. "You've already made one," he said. I didn't bother trying to convince him that it's totally different because. Well, it's kind of not.

I lamented the almost yard of leftover fabric after the Macaron. It's one of my only complaints about Colette's patterns that I've sewn. There's been a lot of fabric left over on a couple of my projects. Like enough for a whole other garment.

I opted to omit the cap sleeves because a) I'm not a fan of cap sleeves, b) I AM a fan of my new tattoo which peeks out below, and c) we've moved to a place that is humid enough to swim mid-air. No more sleeves for me, friends.

I really like the empire waist on this dress. And the shirring in the back. (You can see that better in some close-ups below.) The pockets are pretty amazing, too. WHY do all my dresses not have pockets?

They will now.

I also like the length. It hits right above the knee.

This pattern went together so easily. I'm not wild about the dart method -- you cut out the dart before sewing it, which makes it hard to alter -- but other than that it was super easy to fit and sew.

I added a contrasting fabric, which means I had to hack off the pattern below the back shirring line, add seam allowance to compensate for the hack, and line up the seams at the side. It was painless.

I also added a contrasting hem band to break up some of the busyness of the fabric.

You can see I top-stitched all the way around the neckline and armholes to make things stay put.

The shirring wasn't difficult, but I need more practice.

I opted to line the bodice, so the shots below are of the inside. Rae offers a lovely video tutorial series on that process. I'd MUCH prefer lining to facings.

Pattern: Washi -- Made by Rae
Fabric: Linen/Cotton Blend (Dena Designs for the patterned linen)
Size: XS with no alterations to sizing
Modifications: Omitted cap sleeves. Used contrasting fabric for skirt, which required seaming skirt back to back bodice. Lined bodice. Added contrasting skirt hem.
Next Time: I'm sewing it up next in an Anna Maria Horner voile, but I've got less than needed so the skirt will be narrower.

I'm making alterations to reduce the tiny gaping in the neckline. Also, I'll modify the darts a tad.


  1. You are the cutest!! I think it looks so great on you. I see what you mean about the darts.....LOL. Isn't it such an easy dress to make?! I lined the whole bodice and did an elastic casing instead of the shearing.......I just kind of like it better that way. Great job!! Can't wait to see what your next one looks like :). Have a great day, Lindsay

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! It was SUPER easy and has such a lovely silhouette. I was afraid of looking pregnant, but I think it's flattering on lots of figures.

      LOL the darts! By pointing (pun!) it out, I kind of made it impossible to ignore. Ha. :)

  2. love the dress :) Love the colours. So making one for myself!

  3. New tattoo! I want to hear more about that!

  4. New tattoo! I want to hear more about that!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you! I put the back together first and then shirred it.


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