Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mad for Plaid (PR&P Week 3)

This one is down to the wire, for sure. It's been an intense week around here (first peak of marathon #5 training, among other things), so when I cut it out on Tuesday there was a possibility it wouldn't be finished by the Project Run and Play sew along deadline.

Fortunately I've sewn this shirt up before and didn't have to spend a lot of time figuring out instructions.

The theme for PR&P this week is "Mad for Plaid." Two of Ryan's dress shirts made into a Henry Shirt were perfect for the challenge.

This version is for Daniel. He. Loves. It.

And now, because I couldn't pick just one, and because he was so excited to be the recipient/object of my sewing/picture taking, and because he makes my heart skip beats. . .

here is a picture overload.

This photo gives me an idea of what he'll look like at 15. Be still my heart.

Pattern: The Henry Shirt from Sewing for Boys
Fabric: two upcycled dress shirts (one short-sleeved)
Size: 2/3 with added two inches to length
made pocket taller
narrowed back pleat to 1"
used buttons instead of snaps
Thoughts: I am SO much happier with the fit of this shirt! I really didn't like the boxiness of the first version I made, but this one is just right. If I make another for Lee, I'll use the 4/5 size and just add length.

Overall we're both thrilled with the result. The whole ensemble turned out just as I'd imagined.

Next week is signature style week! I'll be back to sewing for The Girl.


  1. What a cutie! That shirt turned out precious! I know how you feel about training. We had our 10 miler training for our half last Sunday and whew! We are talking about trying to train for a full in March since we are already at 10 for our half in November. Sewing and training make for difficult bedfellows! All the best!

    1. Thanks, Christie! Congrats on your training! It's definitely a huge commitment. Come 5:30am running time, I pay for the late nights spent sewing.

  2. Your son is adorable! I love that shirt! I have seen that pattern in the book, but never made it. It looks so dang cute I may have to give it a try!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! It's a great pattern - lined yoke, neat design, and cute pockets. I've tweaked it to suit our style and plan for it to be our go-to pattern for Fall.

  3. very nice! (I really like it buttoned in the last photo)

  4. You certainly are in trouble when he gets to be a teenager! What a good looking boy! Love the shirt!

  5. Darling shirt!!!
    (What marathon are you running? I am supposed to be doing one next weekend.)

  6. Thanks!! I'm training for the St Jude Memphis marathon in December.

    Which one are you doing? Good luck!

  7. What a cute shirt! Love the two different types of plaid.


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