Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage Head Scarf (Pattern and Tutorial)

**I'm bringing home last month's guest post from Welcome to the Mouse House.**

Hello, Mouse House readers! My name is Michelle, and I share projects over at Handmade Martini. I'm thrilled to be with you today. I've long admired Hayley's style and have enjoyed watching her create gorgeous things for Project Run and Play, So You Think You're Crafty, and her beautiful home! I'm excited to visit and share.

It's getting closer to Fall, and I'm growing my hair out. Again. Every couple of years I get a hankering (or have a baby) and decide to cut it all WAY off. It stays that way for a couple of years until I decide to grow it WAY out.

A couple of years pass and I get a hankering (or have a baby) again, and the process starts over.

This time I'm determined to go through the awkward hair-growing-out stage with style.

A few years ago my grandmother gave me a vintage head scarf, which I love.

Today I'll show you a super, super easy way to make your own.

Vintage Head Scarf Tutorial

Materials Needed:
Your choice of woven fabric -- about 1/4 yard -- either cotton or a silkier type fabric
Matching thread (or contrasting if you choose decorative top-stitching)

Pick which head scarf you prefer:
The Vintage Head Scarf pattern is wider and long enough to tie in a small bow or knot with ends tucked under. It's shown in the photo above.
The Vintage Head Scarf v.2 is narrower and shorter. It can be tied in a knot and is shown in the tutorial photos.

Tape the three pattern pages together, matching the lines.

Cut out the two scarf pieces on the fold.

Sew pieces right sides together, leaving a 1.5" opening.
NOTE: the seam allowances are different for each version.

Trim seam allowance to 1/4" and clip corners.

Turn right side out and press well, pressing opening closed.

Either edgestitch opening closed with matching thread, or topstitch all the way around the scarf, closing the opening.

Tie on and enjoy!
Here are some photos of the wider, longer Vintage Head Scarf:

You can wear it knotted in the front with the ends tucked under. 
You can fold it in half and wear it as a head band with the ends free at the nape of your neck. Or you can keep it wide and tie a small bow at the nape of your neck.
Those are just a few of the options! You can change the width or length to suit you. How you wear it and what kind of fabric you choose make the possibilities endless!

If you need more inspiration, here are a few of my favorite sources for unique headband tutorials.

1. DIY Elastic Headbands from Ruffles and Stuff. 2. Thrilled and Frilled Headband from See Kate Sew. 3. Double Sided Fabric Headband Pattern by Happy Together. 5. Head Scarf (tying) Tutorial by Keiko Lynn

Thanks again for having me, Hayley!

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