Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Raw-Edged Raglans x2 (KCW Day Two)

Pattern: Raw-Edged Raglan from Sewing for Boys.
Fabric: Organic lightweight knit from my stash. (I miss Spiritex warehouse sales. I'll especially miss them when my stash is empty here in a few projects.)
Size: 6/7 for Daniel. Graded up to 8ish for Lee. They are both a little big, but they'll fit all winter and allow for more shrinkage. I sized up knowing a) the fit of the pattern is slim and b) this fabric has a tendency to shrink. 
Modifications: none
Thoughts: This pattern is so easy, and I've always liked the look of the raw edges. They had three versions last year, and out of all of their handmade items those t-shirts received the most enthusiastic wear. No internal itchy seams combined with soft organic cotton means these shirts are super comfortable. No hems means sewing time is cut in half.

I've got a recommendation for those sewing this pattern. I saw it somewhere, although I can't remember where (sorry!). When topstitching the seams down where the sleeves meet the front and back, and along the side seams, stitch with the shirt WRONG side out so the flattened seam allowance is on BOTTOM against the feed dogs. Otherwise you'll be lifting your presser foot the whole time trying to keep those seam allowances from puckering and moving.

The biggest size for this pattern is 6/7, but Burda has a raglan pattern for big kids. I'll get it if I make more of these for Lee and just use the same technique to have raw edges. Because it's a cool look.

In other news, my house is a disaster and The Man is getting home from another business trip today. Rest time sewing will be a bust, and late-night sewing may be ditched, so this space will likely be quiet tomorrow.

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  1. These tees look very comfy. Love the photos of two brothers together :)


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