Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Completed: Khaki Thurlows

These Thurlows were a long time coming. Last year about this time Lladybird hosted a sew-along, which I started and never finished. This spring I got serious about fitting the Thurlow, and after my second muslin I felt comfortable enough to cut into The Real Fabric. So I did.

Then we moved. The Thurlows got lost in the shuffle. 

As my stash dwindled, these popped up again. All the fabric was cut, the markings were there, the interfacing was attached, and the pieces were labeled (thank goodness because THAT would've been a nightmare. there are TONS of pieces.). All that was left was to sew them up.

Simple enough, right?

I'm calling them the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Thurlows.

I started with the left double welt pocket. It was beautiful. After I nearly broke my arm from patting myself on the back, I did the right double welt pocket.

It was bad. Really, really bad. I don't know if you've ever goofed up a double welt pocket, but let's just say there's no going back once that sucker is cut.

See that pucker on the right side of the right pocket? And see how my right pocket isn't quite even and looks a little . . . droopy?

That's after fiddling with it for an eternity and thrashing and wailing and beating my head against the wall.

Here it is . . . Dr. Jekyll. Pleasant, neat, minimal gape, etc.

And aaaaahhhhh! Mr. Hyde! Everything is off on this side -- the waistband, the front pocket. It's weird how the left side is superb and the right side. . . isn't.

It's okay. I'll wear them. I like them.

The waistband hits right below my belly button, which NEVER happens in ready-to-wear. They suit my style. In fact, after taking these pictures I removed the belt and heels and wore this outfit the rest of the day. It's exactly what I'd wear on a Tuesday.

Wrinkles and all.


Shirt Pattern: Vogue 8468 (sewn summer of 2011 out of Liberty fabric)
Fabric: Mid-weight cotton twill from Waechter's Fine Fabrics, zipper snagged from an upcycled pair of trousers
Size: 0
Modifications: It's been so long, but I know I narrowed the waist and hips, lengthened the torso and crotch depth. It seems like there was more, but I don't know. And BUMMER -- the modified pattern got lost in the move, so I'll have to start ALL OVER. And these fit perfectly. I'm pretty bummed.
Thoughts: I'm so used to PDF patterns and their accompanying tutorials. They include pictures with each step -- not diagrams but actual pictures. With this pattern I struggled with which side is the right side in the diagrams and found myself second-guessing my progress on each step. As a result, I skipped steps and made dumb mistakes. It humbled me, which is always good.

I recommend Lladybird's sew-along if you like pictures with each step. It's thorough. 

Last year (or the year before?) I bought denim and wool to make more of these. The wool will be a dress instead, I've decided, but I'd really like a denim Thurlow.


  1. Yey for a finished project :) You know, if you didn't point out what you didn't like about them I doubt anyone would have noticed :) Enjoy wearing them :)

    1. Ha! You're probably right. Keeping it real though! :)


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