Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Completed: Super Skinny Pants and a Bimaa

Today Melissa released the latest from Blank Slate Patterns -- the Super Skinny Pants. I got to test these twice, so here's the version I made for Eliza.

Two is my favorite age. Really, it is. And 12. 

But two. Oh my. She's independent, moody, and completely cuddly. She feels everything in such a big way. 

She's starting to have an opinion about clothes, too. I'll start my review by telling you she loved these pants. The first version I tested for Lee, and he was willing to help but wasn't thrilled with the style because he likes more ease in his pants. 

Every time I slipped these on Eliza to adjust the fit she said, "Ooooh. I yike these."

Don't be fooled by the face. She "yikes" them. 
I'm a sucker for matching ensembles, so I sewed up a Bimaa Sweater to match the striped ribbed knit on the side of the pants. The Bimaa is my girlfriend. Eventually I'll venture out into other options besides the cowl, but look. A cowl on a toddler? I'm swooning.

This pattern includes a zip fly, which isn't optional as these pants are designed to be tight and require unzipping. Don't fret if you've never sewn one; Melissa's instructions for a fly zipper are awesome. She's led me through three now, and they've each turned out beautifully.

The stripe down the side allows the pants to expand, but it also adds interest. I thought it'd be neat to add stamped fabric or something with a graphic print next time.

Also, I like the elastic in the back waistband. Eliza is slim, so I was able to custom fit these while still maintaining the trendy flat front.

A few things to keep in mind if you sew this pattern:
The fly is necessary.
Rib knit with at least 50% stretch is necessary.
Choose size based on hip measurements. They are tight.
There aren't pockets. (I guess you could add them, but with the stripe and tightness it might be tough.)

Eliza is long-waisted, so I probably need to add a little to the back rise for the next pair. Maybe by then she'll be out of diapers and in underwear. Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha.

Because I can't resist the cheeks, here are a few more just for fun. (Or for her grandmothers.)

Pattern: Super Skinny Pants by Blank Slate Patterns / Bimaa Sweater by EmmylouBeeDoo
Fabric: Knits for the Bimaa and side stripe from my (dwindling) stash / upcycled khaki pants for fabric, zipper, and button for the pants. *the pants were mine from waitressing days in college and were practically worn through*
Size and fit: 2t all around. Melissa worked hard to get the fit right on these. I'd check measurements carefully because they're designed to be tight.
Thoughts: The only issue I had was with the cowl on the Bimaa. Trying to sew across the rib of the knit left the seam wavy. It hides easily with this style neckline.

The pants are marked Intermediate, and I'd agree with that designation. They came together pretty easily, though. Man I love PDF pattern instructions. A photo with every step? Yes, please.

Eliza needs more pants like these.


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