Thursday, November 7, 2013

KCW Leftovers

I finished all the projects I'd planned for Kids Clothes Week with two exceptions: the Music Class Shirt and Skirt will wait until Spring (the salmon linen I'm using is suited for that season) and the Henry Shirt for Lee was a fail.

The collar tripped me up again. The whole stinkin' thing is finished except for the collar and snaps. Alas, I'm calling it quits. As much as I love this design, too many hours have been spent trying to make it work. Maybe it was me goofing up the seam allowances; maybe my brain just won't wrap around attaching a collar without a stand; I don't know. I ripped it and re-sewed it three times and the collar just wouldn't meet up with the placket. (You'll see what I mean in the third picture below.)

It was made from two of Ryan's old shirts -- one of which had a hole in it -- so at least it wasn't a heartbreaking loss of fabric.

My sister bought Eliza a precious little striped sweater dress from a resale shop. (It's Gymboree brand.) She needed a purple shirt to go underneath it, so I whipped up a Flashback Skinny Tee in a violet knit from my stash. (Her tights are Children's Place.)

I also sewed up another Bimaa Sweater and Sunki Leggings (the same denim, which brings the count up to 3 of the exact same pants). The cowl neck is from the same upcycled dress as my first version, and the orange knit is leftover from one of my Renfrews.

We went to Audubon State Park for these shots, and a woman passing by teased this smile out of her. Our new friend was smitten with Eliza. It was a gorgeous place for a hike.

All my plastic bins that held outstanding projects for KCW are empty! That feels good. It feels even better to know that Daniel and Lee are set for clothes this season. Eliza could use a few more things that I've already got planned.

I'm itching to finish a couple of things for myself, too -- finally getting around to my Thurlows is first on the list. They've been cut, interfaced, and ready to sew for six months now. It's amazing how that happens, isn't it?


  1. For the Henry shirt you could still save it...just trim the front of the shirt down a smidge and make sure your white band is wrapped flush around instead of sticking out just a little bit. Since the shirt is so boxy it probably won't matter if you shave some of the front off where the buttons end up going. Just shave it down on both sides the same amount so the buttons still end up in the middle. Looks like you're off about a 1/2 inch?

    1. Yes, it's about a half inch. I never thought about shaving down the front. That would be the easiest fix, you're right.

      I'll try that today. Thanks, Kathie!

  2. oh I hope the shirt can be recovered :) all the clothes you made are gorgeous :)

  3. The dress Amanda bought is precious on her. The shirt you made is a perfect match, and the tights are so cute! It reminds me of a modern Rainbow Brite! And, there is nothing wrong with having 3 pairs of the perfect jeans. :)


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