Friday, February 14, 2014

This Moment {February 14, 2014}

This moment I ask you to pray for our friend, Mareeka. She is brave, gracious, brilliant, compassionate, inspiring, faithful, kind, and beautiful. She is a huge reason I didn't quit the Internet three years ago -- it was maintaining and growing friendships like hers that convinced me Facebook was worth keeping. 

Mareeka is the type of woman you want to be friends with; she is funny and wise and has encouraged me and challenged me. When we are in her presence, we are happy. She is an awesome wife, mother, Christian, friend, and nurse. 

Please stop for this moment and pray (or send positive thoughts if you're not the praying type) for her, her husband Chris, their children, her family, her Hospice care providers, and all those connected to Mareeka. We are faithful that prayer is powerful. Thank you, friends. 


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