Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Completed: Sister's Mod Tunic Wearable Muslin

First, some blogging business.

I'm trying to find a system for replying to comments consistently. I love interacting with readers, but Blogger's platform isn't ideal for responding. I can either email (if the commenter has enabled her email address in her profile) or respond directly in the comments (which the commenter wouldn't know unless she returned to this physical page). Some of my friends have started using Disqus, and that's an option. Moving to Wordpress, which has a better interface all around, does not appeal to me right now.

Any suggestions?

Also, our 7-year-old laptop is on its last leg, which makes blogging painful. It takes fooooorrrrreeeeeevvvvvaaaaahhhhh. Add to that pretty consistent problems with our ISP and Blogger headaches, and you've got one big UGH. My What To Do With Our Tax Refund list keeps growing, but forking over the bucks for a new computer is pretty far up top. We are leaning toward an iMac desktop (cheaper + faster), possibly a refurbish.

Any advice?

Now to the sewing! As promised, I made my sister a mod top. (Here's my first version, details on the pattern hack, and the designer top I "knocked off.")

It's black, like she requested. This is the wearable muslin. (I've sewn this top seven times now, if you're counting.) She was here last weekend, so I got a good fitting. I'll make more adjustments, if necessary, and sew up a final version in a nicer fabric.

Here are some shots of the inside. Y'all know it's serious when I change my serger thread. 

Also, black would never work for me. Too many cats.

Pattern: Started with the Mouse House Creations Norah Dress and Tunic, but now it's been so heavily adapted I'm not sure there's any part of the original pattern still there.
Size: custom.
  • Re-drafted shoulder/arm holes again. In addition to the changes I made last time, I narrowed the shoulders quite a bit. (The Sister has much narrower shoulders than me.)
  • Graded up the bust a size from the first time. (This version fits a 34" bust.) Added bust darts, which meant truing up side seams and hemline.
A side note: I found all kinds of information online and in my books about adding side bust darts and truing up side seams. I found nothing about how to adjust the hemline once a side dart is adjusted/added from scratch. I ended up buying a French curve ruler - which I needed anyway now that I'm (reluctantly) designing my own stuff. 

In an effort to illustrate what I'm talking about, I used Microsoft Paint. No joke. It's all I've got. Feel free to laugh.

Original front and back pieces. They are supposed to be identical, but it's hard to do that in MS Paint.

Best I can figure, in order to maintain the same length at the center front and back seams, and in order to make sure the side seams are even, the hem curve has to be more dramatic. I didn't change anything on the front pieces. I had to adjust the hemline on the back piece to make up for the 2" lost when the darts folded so the side seams still matched.

If anyone know any resources or the proper way to do this, PLEASE leave me a comment. My solution just doesn't seem right. However, it hangs beautifully. So maybe it is right?

Fit: I'll find out this weekend.
Fabric: Kona cotton. Joann.
My next project is another commissioned dress for The Niece. For every post you see here, there are half a dozen muslins going on behind the scenes.

Also, I've got a winter hat pattern/tutorial photographed. Judging by computer/Internet speed, it may be published in time for summer. Ha.


  1. So cute..Bet your sister will like it.. Best wishes with your getting a new computer. I just had to get a new one too.. eeeh..But sure is nice to get the speed.ha

    1. Thanks, Judy! I can't imagine the speed of a new computer. It'll be nice.

  2. I've had Intense Debate for my comments almost since the very beginning of my blog, I've been pleased with it.
    The wearable muslin is perfection!

  3. I've recently heard of a vector drawing program called Inkscape that has tools similar to Illustrator and is free. Maybe it would work better than Paint.


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