Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Completed: Tiny Hipster Zookeeper

Another season of Project Run and Play is underway, and the first week's challenge is "Put Me in the Zoo." I decided to use a few of my favorite patterns, upcycle the last of my mom's '80s jungle jumpsuit, and play along this week.

I used the Bimaa Sweater pattern for the top. Because it's awesome. I widened and gathered the front center to add a little softness and room, and made it sleeveless. Because winter isn't awesome, and I'm not sewing any clothes for it any more.

The cowl neck fabric is the upcycled jumpsuit. I had to piece it because of its limited amount. The shirt is made from organic cotton from my stash. (I'm considering driving down to Asheville just for another Spiritex warehouse sale.)

The hat is the Fedora Hat from Elegance and Elephants. The shorts are the Bubble Pocket Shorts - also E&E. The fedora band and the khaki bubble pockets are from an upcycled H&M dress donated by my lovely sister. The black fabric for the shorts and fedora is plain old black cotton from my stash.

More Details:
Sizes: Fedora (Medium), Bubble Pocket Shorts (3T/4T), Bimaa (3T)
Thoughts: I knew from past experience Eliza would need a bigger size than RTW in both the Bimaa and Bubble Pockets Shorts. The Medium fedora is a tad snug.

She was cool with modeling it (sort of ) and wearing it, but five minutes later she wanted to trade it for a pink shirt. 

Originally my plan was to sew her a mini-wardrobe for Summer, including several interchangeable pieces that she could mix and match herself. I planned to build on this outfit with another top, cardigan, etc. My own (much cuter) version of Garanimals, if you will. She has thrown a massive PINK wrench in this plan, however.

Maybe next week you'll see her modeling something PINK. Or maybe I'll decide to sew for her brothers instead. Ha. 

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