Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tutorial and Pattern: Winter Hat with Earwarmers

Last year when I bought Eliza's winter coat, it included a precious hat unlike any I'd seen. It had built-in ear warmers, but they stayed snug to her head and were integrated into the hat in an appealing way.

She's worn the hat all winter, and it's starting to show signs of wear. So, when fleece went on sale (as it often does), I snagged some and sketched out a pattern to re-create the hat. 

The pattern is for a size 2t, or to fit a child with around 19"-20" head circumference.

Fleece fabric (less than 1/2 yard will do)
Pattern pieces (available FREE here)

use 1/2" seam allowance unless indicated otherwise

I've used a serger for the purposes of the tutorial to ensure stitching lines show. A serger is not necessary to complete this project.

1. Cut out pattern pieces. (Make sure fold line for ear warmer piece is either parallel or perpendicular to selvage edge of fabric when cutting.)
2. Mark dart on both upper hat pieces.
3. Mark back and front of upper hat pieces.

4. Fold upper hat pieces right sides together and pin along dart.
5. Sew along dart line. Trim seam allowance.

6. Sew top pieces right sides together around curve. Leave straight edges open.
7. Trim and notch seam allowance. Press lightly.


8. Fold ear warmer pieces right sides together.
9. Sew along short edge. Repeat for second ear warmer piece.
10. Trim seam. Press lightly.

11. Place two ear warmer pieces right sides together, matching sewn seam.
12. Pin along bottom curved edge.

13. Sew along curved edge, pivoting at indentations.
14. Trim and notch seam allowance. Press lightly. (Pressing lightly will help flatten wavy seams.)

15. Turn ear warmer pieces right sides out and press lightly. 
16. Topstitch along sewn edge.

17. Tuck upper hat piece inside ear warmer piece, right sides together.
18. Pin along raw edges. 
19. Sew ear warmers to upper hat piece. Trim.

20. Turn hat right side out and press lightly. 
21. Topstitch along edge of upper hat piece.


  1. Adorable. Gotta figure out how to enlarge it. Thanks.

  2. Great pattern and tutorial thanks! It may be just because I'm still new to sewing, but I got really stuck on 11, not realizing I had to turn one of the ear pieces right side out, and then place it inside the other. Don't know if you've gotten any other feedback on that, but that might help if others struggled with that too.

    But overall it was great!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Lisa! I'll see if I can clarify that step in the instructions.


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