Thursday, April 3, 2014

Completed: Carolina In My Mind

This week's Project Run and Play challenge is to make something inspired by your favorite Spring Break or vacation destination.

Well, that's a no-brainer for me. Asheville. 

Specifically, Biltmore. I often wander there in my mind. Spring is my favorite time of year at Biltmore. (Actually, every season is pretty spectacular.) The tulips bloom first in the conservatory gardens. The wisteria and azaleas follow. It's a feast for the senses: gorgeous blooms explode against a backdrop of ombre mountains.

I could wax poetic about it all day, but.

I'll make this quick because the kids are going through a High Maintenance stage. Completing an outfit, getting some good shots, and blogging about it is a blooming miracle (pun intended), and I intend to barrage you with a ridiculous number of photos. 

The top is a heavy alteration of the basic Flashback Skinny Tee. It's made from an upcycled women's t-shirt. The striped gray shoulder pieces are gathered at the front and back shoulder seams, and create a cap-sleeve effect that I adore. The striped gray fabric for the neckband and shoulder pieces are from from an upcycled women's sweater (sister's hand-me-down). I kept the shirt's original double-layer hem. The armholes are a little lower than normal because of the changes I made to the pattern, but I'm okay with them. It'll be cooler this summer. 

I knocked off the applique from a miniBoden t-shirt. All the strips are from other women's t-shirts -- three of them I bought to make into Eliza's size this summer. (They were on sale for $3.)

A camper. Obvs. Only in Asheville would a rainbow camper be embraced and totally normal. Ha.

The cardigan is upcycled from my sister's BFF's sweater. It is the piece around which Eliza's summer wardrobe will center. It's soft and drapey and has gorgeous colors: royal blue, teal, pale pink, bright pink, and gray.

The cardigan is self drafted. The bottom and sleeves are banded, and the sleeves have a small pleat at the shoulder seam and soft gathers at the sleeve band. The buttons (bright blue) are my favorite part.

The skirt (also self drafted) is simply the bottom of a woman's t-shirt with a strip of gray ribbing from another upcycled shirt as the waistband.

I figured out turning on music during a photo shoot makes things more fun for both of us. When I look back on these photos in 30 years, I'll only remember The Fun Things. Won't I? Tell me I will.

Thanks for indulging me in the blatant photo overload.

Maybe I'll recover enough to sew for next week's challenge.

Or maybe I'll go to Carolina In My Mind and just not return. Kidding. Sort of.

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