Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Photos (Attempt #1) with Stellar's Vests and Bow Ties


Patterns: Oliver+S Music Class Blouse and Skirt (blogged here). Elegance & Elephants Stellar's Vest. Self-drafted bow tie based on this tutorial by Delia Creates. (She released an updated tutorial and free pattern recently.)
Fabric: interlock (medium weight) for the vests. plain quilting cotton for the bow ties. Both purchased at JoAnn. 
Sizes: Lee's vest is size 6. Daniels is size 5. Eliza's shirt is size 18/24 month. Her skirt is size 2T.
Fit: Lee's vest fits perfectly. Daniel is a tad big, which I expected. 
  • These vests were easy, quick sews. I had trouble on the first one getting that V to match up and work in the center. Heidi revamped the instructions since we tested it. (The tested version I made here was the only other time I've sewn this pattern.) My second vest was much easier. I recommend following her instructions very closely to ensure success. I ran into trouble when I tried to take shortcuts.
  • The bow ties were simple to draft and assemble. Amanda wants the boys to wear bow ties in her wedding, so it's nice to already have an idea of how I'll make and tie them.
  • Tying bow ties is tricky. I used velcro for fastening these, and I'm glad. It makes them adjustable so they'll fit for a while, and it means I don't have to re-tie them next time they wear them.
  • It's hard to tell in the photos, but the vests are teal and the bow ties are navy. They match Eliza's skirt perfectly. 
  • For the LOVE it is really, insanely difficult to get nice photos of Eliza unless it's on her terms. (and we all know how irrational an almost-three-year-old's terms can be.) My mother-in-law was with us, which was fun -- because I enjoy her company and also because it was nice to have someone to turn to and roll my eyes when Eliza was being a pill.

I'm debating on trying again or just letting it go. Eliza was crying in our family photo at the beach last summer. She was sticking her tongue out in every one of our Christmas photos. So, I think this is as good as it gets.

Our albums will be FULL of things to make us laugh someday. 


  1. How cute are they? I'd go with the one of Eliza scowling and crossing her arms. Priceless.

    1. Absolutely. There will be a stash of "Eliza outtakes" floating around for years to come. They'll pop up again when she least expects it. . . ;)


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