Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me Made May: days 1-10

We're 11 days into Me Made May, and it's going really well! I haven't struggled to find something to wear, and wearing handmade every day hasn't caused any angst.

Probably because I realized right quick (before May officially began) that including the kids in the pledge was The #1 Worst Idea Ever. They wear handmade clothes, but their clothing choices are sporadic and dependent on their moods and how much mud will be involved in the day's activities.

A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with some of the moms and their little ones at Lee's co-op. (We hang out in a "social hall" while the older kids are in class.) We got to talking about shoes, sales on shoes, and shopping. One of the other moms heard me say I don't like to shop, and I couldn't remember the last time I'd been to Target.

"So, what about clothes? Where did you get the clothes you're wearing?" she asked.

"I make them or buy them online," I answered. "Or they're given to us."

I thought about our conversation for a while after that day. Was I being honest? I'd told her I only had three pairs of jeans and that at least half of my clothes are handmade.

Me Made May has helped me see that I wasn't exaggerating. 95% of my clothes are handmade, hand-me-down, or holiday gifts. (And I do only have three pairs of jeans.)

day 1: Sewaholic Renfrew and self-drafted skirt (blogged here)
day 2: Vogue 8460 in Liberty Fabric (pre-blog), hand-me-down cardigan, CoH jeans
day 3: Shoreline Boatneck from Blank Slate Patterns (unblogged), CoH jeans
day 4: bottom half of Colette Chantilly chopped off to make a skirt (pre-blog), twinset from Ann Taylor LOFT (from my reporting days. ha.)
day 5: Alder skirt from Imagine Gnats (Pattern to-be-released tomorrow! I'll blog about it this week.), hand-me-down GAP t-shirt (that I realized has a hole in the shoulder. bummer.), hand-me-down white tank.
day 6: Thurlow shorts (blogged here), hand-me-down Old Navy shirt
day 7: Sewaholic Renfrew re-mix into dress (blogged here)
day 8: self-drafted top (blogged here), GAP hand-me-down shorts
day 9: Sewaholic Renfrew/Kate and Rose Gisele dress mash-up (unblogged) (Actually, this top was on this blogged dress, but I cut it off and added it to this skirt instead and lurrrrrrve it.
Gotta love Me Made May for inspiring me to remake handmades into something I'll actually like and wear.) I'll do a post on this one soon.
day 10: Anna Maria Horner Four Corners Nursing Blouse from Handmade Beginnings (pre-blog), RTW skirt that was gifted pre-kids and has pockets galore and a glorious draw-string waistband.

Lots of hand-me-downs
Lots of Renfrews
Lots of old RTW stuff

Notable Wardrobe Holes: (other than the one in the t-shirt shoulder, ha)
Knit casual skirts
Knit sleeveless shirts
Easy-breezy dresses
Comfy knit shorts
Dresses with pockets

I've got a refund check from Time Warner Cable that's burning a hole in my pocket. (Earned from hours on the phone with no telling how many people who work for one of The Worst Companies Ever.) I already used it to buy the Moneta pattern, but now that my stash is completely depleted (!!!!!), I need some nice knits to fill the holes in my wardrobe.

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