Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Made May days 11-24

It's time again for another Me Made May Round-up post! 

Here's a collage of days 11-24. Two days are missing. We traveled to Memphis to see my family, and they experienced a cold snap. I didn't pack warm enough clothes. Also, I've gained some weight and some of my handmades are too snug -- including a shirt and dress that I packed.

11) Colette Macaron in linen (blogged here).
12) Self-drafted simple skirt (blogged here).
13) Self-drafted vintage-inspired head scarf (blogged here with free patterns).
14) Colette Clovers (blogged here).
15) Anna Maria Horner Four Corners Blouse (from Handmade Beginnings) (pre-blog)
16) Megan Nielsen Crescent Blouse (blogged here).
19) Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank (unblogged).
20) Sewaholic Thurlow shorts (blogged here).
21) Made by Rae Washi (blogged here).
22) Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank (blogged here).
23) Megan Nielsen Cascade Skirt (blogged here).
24) Colette Laurel (blogged here).

I had several of these items in a bag ready to donate to Goodwill and got them back out so I could fulfill my MMM pledge. Ha. Hahahaha. A few of them will go back in the donation pile, but I changed my mind about at least one.

Two of them are too uncomfortable to wear again: the Macaron (11) and the Laurel (24). The dress because it's too tight and the Laurel because the armholes still aren't big enough. I removed the sleeves, but it didn't work. I'll try again because it's Liberty. Sigh.

Truth be told, there are probably only four items up there that are comfortable enough and fit my style enough to keep.

So, here's what I've learned from this challenge lately:

The Folks got me GAP bucks for my birthday, and I enjoyed getting new shirts and shorts. The trouser shorts were $30 on sale. I was appreciative of being able to get them, but it made me realize that if I weren't gifted them . . .

It's worth the effort and expense to make my own shorts, pants, and skirts (my Thurlows actually fit better than RTW).

My high-priced jeans are worn out after just 2.5 years. When I bought them, I justified the expense by figuring they'd last five years -- that the high quality would mean durability and better fit. As hard as I am on jeans and as tough as it is to find a good fit, it's worth the effort and expense to make my own jeans.

If I could find an affordable source for organic knit, it would also be financially (and ethically) logical to make my own t-shirts. That's definitely a someday goal.

We're in the home stretch with just a week to go! Wahoo!

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