Friday, May 9, 2014

Sew Fab Pattern: Crayon Art Folio

It's time again for the Sew Fab Pattern Sale! It's the original pattern bundle sale, and the concept is awesome: 19 patterns (+ a bonus pattern) for $29.95 -- for sale for one week only.

When given the opportunity to sew something up from the bundle, I chose the Crayon Art Folio by Gingercake.

Eliza's third birthday is coming up, and even though she has full confidence I'll be making the bike she's asked for (moms can make anything, right?), I thought I'd stick with something simpler.

This is the kind of project that doesn't take a lot of fabric or time, but has lots of possibilities for adding details and will be useful for a long time.

I started by taking Eliza to JoAnn with me to pick out fabric. She chose the coral polka dot first, and we looked for a coordinating printed fabric. She really really wanted cupcakes, but we couldn't find any to match. She saw the balloons and squealed. Perfect!

Fortunately I had all the other materials needed -- velcro, thread, batting, and interfacing.

Several years ago I made crayon rolls as gifts for two friends' little girls. I used a tutorial I found online that included measurements.

Using Gingercake's pattern was so much easier. I mean, I'm capable of using my mat and ruler, but when someone does all the work for me so that all I have to do is cut out the pieces? Excellent.

It gives me more time to embellish. I added the "E" applique to the front and used ric-rac trim around the edges.

My high school best friend's little girl was born two days after Eliza, so I made another one to give as a gift. The pattern also includes instructions for a bonus mini-crayon roll. They'd make the perfect little gift or to keep in a purse or bag for doctor's visits and such.

I've got a couple of tips if you sew one up:
  • A walking foot would be useful. I was grateful for mine. Once all the layers of interfacing, fabric, and batting are sandwiched together, the whole thing is pretty thick around the outside edges when topstitching.
  • Decide on direction. Instructions are included for how to make directional fabric face up and down, if that's what you choose. It doesn't take any more fabric if you follow the instructions -- it's just adding an extra seam. I chose for mine to go the direction of a book. Why? I don't know.
  • Lastly, watch those outside seam allowances. If you narrow them around the crayon pockets, you'll limit the number of crayons that can fit in the outside pockets. (Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. ;)
When I gave Eliza her folio, she immediately sat down and started drawing pictures for everyone. Then she gave me a huge hug and thank you. The boys both requested their own folios. I'd consider that success!

Other folks have been sewing up plenty of examples from the pattern bundle! Here's a list of bloggers so you can go have a look-see, if you're so inclined.

You can purchase the Sew Fab Spring Pattern Bundle for $29.95 this week only! The sale ends on May 13th, and once it's over, it's over. You can support independent pattern designers by purchasing the bundle from any of the designers below.
Sew Fab Spring 2014 collage

(Designers in order from Top left to right) Greenstyle Creations, Handmade Therapy, MODKID, Everything Your Mama Made, The Scientific Seamstress, Figgy's Patterns, Two Sweets Patterns, Things for Boys, Patchwork Posse, Betz White, LBG Studio, Mouse House Creations, Gingercake, Heidi & Finn, Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Terra's Treasures, Paisley Roots, Molly Blossom Designs, Sewing Mama RaeAnna. Sale sponsored by The Southern Institute.


  1. This is just gorgeous! Your little girl made a fantastic choice on the fabric - she has good taste!! Thanks for the inspiration. I've got loads of little girls' birthdays coming up so this will make the perfect handmade gift :)

    1. Thanks, Nat! I was pretty impressed with her fabric choice. I never would have spotted the polka dots!

  2. Funny, I just made one of these too! I've had the pattern for awhile now, but just got around to making one for a gift. I thought I'd add my thoughts to your great suggestions: 1) Totally agree with you about using a walking foot...really helpful 2) BASTE!! baste the pockets at the side and bottom and the handles on the BASE...this helps keep everything in place and prevents use of a seam ripper:) and fiddling with lots of pins as you sew it together 3) I used fusible fleece interfacing on the outside piece instead of regular interfacing and batting. Made it really easy! 4) I used an up-cycled belt for the handles(I love to substitute these for webbing yardage or fabric handles when I can). Really cute fabric choices on yours...I'd show you a picture of mine, but forgot to take a picture before I sent it to its new home :)

    1. GREAT tips, Marnae! I wish I'd basted first -- that would have prevented some seam ripping and bent pins. AND great ideas for fusible fleece and up cycled belt handles.

      I'll definitely be using your tips in my next version! Thanks for sharing!


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