Thursday, July 31, 2014

Completed: Mash-up Tank Dress

In the past few years I've taken to combining knit tops with woven skirts, and the result is my go-to dress. 

There are just more fabric options available with woven fabric, and I can't beat the comfort of a knit top. 

Here's my latest edition of this staple -- it's a mash-up of Simplicity 1358 and the Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns.

I've done a similar combination with the Renfrew top (Sewaholic) and a self-drafted skirt, but I decided to try a different bodice this time. It's a little too roomy in the top, so next time I'll probably return to the Renfrew.

As for the skirt, it was much easier to use the Moneta Dress's skirt portion than to draft my own. The length and width of this skirt is just right. I didn't add pockets because of the delicacy of the fabric.

I constructed the bodice of the dress in the traditional way -- it's banded and unlined.

I sewed the skirt lining and main skirt separately. The main skirt is constructed with French seams (it's sheer). Once each piece was fully sewn and hemmed, I serged them together at the top. Then I measured a length of 1/2" elastic (using my waist/comfort as a guide) and sewed it to the top of the skirt with a zig-zag stitch. Then I serged the bottom of the bodice and joined the skirt top and bodice.

it's got twirl factor!

Pattern: Simplicity 1358 (bodice) and Colette Moneta (skirt)
Modifications: lengthened bodice - based on waistline, cut and added 2" to the length (I didn't read the assembly instructions of this pattern.)
Fabric: lightweight organic knit from my stash (bodice), Bemberg rayon from Joann (skirt lining), clearance sheer blend fabric from Joann (skirt main)
I sewed the Colette Moneta last week in knits, following the instructions and making no alterations to the pattern. Originally it was going to be my "wearable muslin" and this was going to be my Main Moneta.

BUT, I didn't like the Moneta. The boatneck top wasn't flattering on me, and several things in the construction of the garment turned me off. Maybe I'll try it again with no collar and sleeves this winter. Maybe.

Overall I'm pleased with this dress. It's got plenty of ease in the waist, which means I'll likely wear a belt with it (which I would anyway). It's comfortable and practical. The styling options are pretty endless, too.


On blog photos: taking photos of finished projects for myself for the blog is so challenging. (That's not counting the actual writing of the post.) Finding a time of day, location with decent lighting, and getting made up -- it's a pain. My remote doesn't work unless I'm inches from the camera. This morning I figured out that I can put the camera on the tripod, frame things up, and Lee can stand behind the camera and press the button on the remote to take the photo. It's not ideal, but it works. I'm telling you this so I remember in 10 years how much effort this took and how helpful my kid was in the photo-taking part. :) 


  1. It seems to have turned out well! Im guessing you had to work a lot with that pattern. They are drafted for a fuller figure, not darling little figures like yours! Very roomy in the bust too, they are. I have the Mabel I'm making soon.

  2. I like the Mabel -- it'll look great on you. I LOVE vintage designs and Colette in particular, but it does take a whole lot of work to get them to fit. Sometimes I fight with it, and sometimes I just admit defeat. Ha.


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