Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tested: Claire PJs by Cottage Mama

This week The Cottage Mama released her newest pattern: The Claire Pajamas. I tested these a couple of weeks ago and want to share my (Eliza's) version with you.

Here's the pattern's description:
The Claire Pajamas are the quintessential classic sleepwear pattern. The pattern includes several options such as a full-length nightgown with long or short sleeves, as well as a two-piece pajama ensemble, including a top with long or short sleeves paired with pants. This pattern also contains a matching 18″ doll pattern for all design options.

I sewed up the short-sleeved top and pants option.

Sewing for Eliza is so hit-and-miss these days. I'm getting better at predicting what she'll like, but I'm still reluctant to spend copious time on an ensemble that I have to beg her to wear.

This time we went together to pick out fabric for her pajamas to allow her to feel involved in the process. It was a lot of fun. She's such a hoot, and listening to her "ooh" and "ahh" over trims and fabrics was super amusing. I told her it needed to be from the flannel row, and she immediately landed on the tiny stars. With a bit of help from me guiding her to all the coordinating larger-scale prints, she picked the rabbits. She also chose the flower buttons. Girl's got style.

Lindsay narrowed the shoulders, narrowed the width of the top, and shrank the bibs on the smaller sizes after testing. I sewed the 3T for Eliza (she was at the smaller end of the chart for this size), and the lengths were exactly what I'd expect. With the minor tweaks Lindsay made, I think the fit will be spot on in the final version.

Isn't this design adorable? Someone described it as "Little House on the Prairie-style." I know we'll use this pattern over and over, especially if Eliza gets an American Girl doll and wants matching outfits. (Oh, the cuteness possibilities. I die.)

My favorite parts: the tiny ruffle around the bib, the cuffs on the pants, the elastic sleeves, and the contrasting fabric inside the elastic waistband. 

As always, it was a pleasure testing for Lindsay. She designs adorable clothes, sure, but more importantly she is open to suggestions and truly appreciates the time and financial commitment of testers and those who purchase and sew her patterns.


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