Friday, August 29, 2014

This Moment {August 29, 2014}

on my sewing table:
3 finished objects to photograph and blog about, 2 that have been worn half a dozen times already.

3 Elsa dresses -- one for Eliza and the other two for my dear friend's girls. I've given myself a deadline of September 8th to have them delivered. The muslins fit all three of the girls, so I'm optimistic I'll make the deadline.

on the track/road:
I'm four weeks into marathon training again. This will be my fifth marathon run. (I've trained for eight!) I'm matching my pace or running faster than this time last year, so I'm convinced a BQ-qualifying time is possible for the race. There's some training-related fatigue, but going to bed by 10:00 helps.

on the nightstand:
This one arrived at my doorstep after a conversation with my cousins about homeschooling Daniel. I'm an INTJ (MBTI Personality Type) and Ryan is an ENFP. We balance each other beautifully and have learned (and are learning) how to navigate life together as opposite personalities.

Homeschooling our children is a whole different ballgame. I'm trying to learn what motivates Daniel to want to learn and what discourages him. Things like tone of voice, word choice, and body language have profound effect on him, which is a totally foreign concept to me. Ryan's been trying to explain it for years, but you know. Sometimes it takes a book. (says the INTJ)  

Fascinating stuff. It's already proven immensely helpful.

at home:
We had new windows installed on the back of the house, and I'm making slow progress on the master bedroom. This week I rearranged the den and sewing room. After living in these spaces for a year, I had a better idea of where things should go.

I've finally gotten back into my routine of keeping the house in order. While my deep-cleaning routine still needs work, the house is neat and the floors are clean, which helps us all feel more peaceful. (Ryan likes the neatness, I'm the floor fanatic.)

on the school table:
We started officially homeschooling this week! Lee turns seven in a few weeks, so now The Law requires us to Do This For Real. We went to our first Classical Conversations co-op, and we've been easing into things for a couple of weeks at home. Our routine is incredibly flexible, but most mornings we start at 8:30 and spend three hours doing Bible, Math, Language Arts, and Memory Work. We do science and art at CC and will do music and art at our Fine Arts co-op on Fridays. 

We rest after lunch for an hour and afternoons are for playing outside with friends if they're home.


on the side:
Lee started Boy Scouts this week, and the boys are still doing karate two nights a week. They are learning wonderful things and enjoying karate. (Eliza can't wait to be in the class, too. Watching a three-year-old girl throw a mean jab is just about The Cutest Thing Ever.) Lee is over-the-moon excited about Boy Scouts. 

The boys learned how to swim! Their grandmother has taken them swimming a few times recently, and the last time I got in a pool with them they swam across the shallow end. I was in awe. 

current challenges:
Our days are more scheduled now, and our evenings were taken up this week with activities: karate, Bible study, back-to-school night, Boy Scouts. . . Ryan and I were two ships passing in the night. I'll lose my everlasting mind if this becomes the norm.

Mozart. He got sick again when the kids and I went to Memphis. I took him to the vet and she says he's in kidney failure. He's not going to die right away - especially since we're starting him on a prescription diet - but when I said, "Oh! So he could be around for another two or three years!" she said, "Um, no." After much discussion, we decided to board him while we're on vacation.

One good thing that's come from his illness: I haven't taken a single day with our cats for granted since. I'm grateful to have had a second chance with my ornery friend.

currently grateful:
For friends who know just what to say.
For a vibrant community of homeschoolers.
For a husband who doesn't blink at a neurotic cat and his neurotic human.
For healthy children.
For field trips to discover local treasures like a seminary and monastery. 

 Thanks for letting me catch up, friends!

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