Friday, September 26, 2014

Completed: Paper Piecing for Halloween Basket

Just jumping in to show you a basket I made up for the Halloween Basket Swap on Instagram. (follow me on IG here) It was a fun little change from my usual apparel sewing.

For this project, we used the fabric bins created with a free tutorial from Birch Fabrics. My assigned partner said she liked lime green, orange, and black cats. From the beginning I wanted to have a paper-pieced feature on the front of the basket.

After hunting around, I found this free pattern for a paper-pieced black cat. It took a few failed attempts to get the hang of it, but then things went together easily after that. It helped when I finally found a tutorial that explained it wonderfully.

I'll definitely be trying paper piecing again. Look at these sewing-related paper-pieced blocks. And this Polaroid camera! And these witch's shoes are adorable. These ballet shoes would be perfect framed on Eliza's wall.

I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless! (Lego Star Wars!)

with the lining folding down

without the lining folded down
Have a great weekend!


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