Friday, September 12, 2014

Completed: Renfrew Giselle Mash-Up

Here's the second project I've been waiting - oh, three months - to photograph and share. It started with this Renfrew Remix from April 2013. I just didn't like the skirt on the dress. It was too short for my comfort, and the gathers were right at the center front (belly) and back (rear end), which made me look like a) I was pregnant and/or b) I was a reversed mushroom.

I liked the Renfrew top enough to rip it apart and use it with another skirt.

Enter the Kate & Rose Giselle Dress pattern test I tried earlier this summer. My initial version of the Giselle didn't fit up top, but I loved the skirt portion.

Add a Renfrew top to a Giselle skirt, stir them around, toss in a little thread, and Poof!

The t-shirt is twisted in these photos. Someday I'll figure out how to pose for a picture, run back to the camera to check it, and adjust things.

I added a thin black belt, and it's the perfect length skirt to wear with black ballet flats. This fabric is busy so it's tough to see, but the skirt has two tiers. 

Ryan took these photos. I told him to make me laugh. It worked, but I'm permanently scarred by some of the things he said. 


Modifications: Cut off the Renfrew and added a band to the bottom of it. Used just the skirt bottom of the Giselle. Gathered the top of the skirt slightly, and then attached the bodice to the skirt with 1/4" elastic. 
Fabric: Skirt fabric is from the clearance table at Jo-Ann. It's a silky synthetic that's very nice.
Tips: When adding a woven skirt to a knit top, I've found the easiest method for me is to mark the center front and sides, gather the skirt top slightly, match the centers and side seams to the top, pin the elastic (you've already measured according to your waist+seam allowance) at the centers and sides, and stretch elastic as you go.

Um, I think I just found my next tutorial. (Especially since I committed to doing one when I first did a woven/knit combo dress back in April 2013.)

This dress has been in heavy rotation this summer. Because there are so many different choices in woven fabric, and because knit is so comfortable, it's just a Super Duper Combination.


  1. Love that mash up! Good for you to take two patterns that didn't really work and make them work for you.

    1. Thank you! I love both of these patterns separately, but together they worked well for me!


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